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Blessed Yule to all

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May the Blessings of the season be with you all year long.
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To you as well Sue. and everyone else!
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And a very happy Yule to You Sue and your furbabies.... And to Tybalt and to everybody at TCS too!!
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back atcha
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And to you, too, and everybody here at TCS - happy holidays!
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same to you lots of kitty purrs from Loki!
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What a wonderful card! I hope this year brings many happy times to everyone.
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Sue- did you and Tybalt do anything special for Yule yesterday? We had a Yule feast- cooked up a huge turkey and invited some family over. It was my first year of truly celebrating it
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No, unfortunately we didn't. This year has been a crazy one. He had a dentist appt for a cleaning today, and I had the misfortune to eat a "bad" tuna salad sandwich. (I think the cats wished it on me for not sharing, LOL!) So I have felt yucky since this afternoon.

I did go out at 7 this morning though and watch the sun rise (brr!). The days are now going to get longer!!! It was a gorgeous sunrise, too, full of rose and violet and peach.
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I missed the sunrise- I have a hard time getting out of bed that early I'm looking forward to the longer days now that the sun has been reborn

Sorry you weren't feeling well- hope you're better now :rainbow:
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Sue, same to you and to everyone here at TCS. That's a beautiful card.

Melissa--I wish I wouldn't have to get up early enough for the sunrise, which I usually miss cause I'm racing around getting ready for work. It's still dark at 6. Oh well, as of tomorrow I'm on vacation until Jan 5.
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