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Vet Visit a bit stressful?

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ROFLMAO!! Awww... Poor doggy! Thanks for sharing that funny with us MA:.
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I love it!
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LOL!! That is funny! Thanks, I'm in a mood so I needed that.
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Reminds me of when I saw a gorgeous Great Dane been taken in for neutering. I think he knew what he was in for too.
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That's great. Poor Shepard....
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Thanks for sharing, that was great!
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LOL!!! Unfortunately that's not too far off what we experience taking Bella to the vet!
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now that reminds me so much of the dog that me and meow meow saw when we were at the vet... this dog was so scared of visiting the vet that he started shaking violently and eventually had to be carried onto the weighing machine cos he was too scared to move....
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Ahhhhh....poor baby, but still ROFLMAO!! Reminds me of my Tigger anytime I get out the cat carrier.
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Hissy you beat me to posting this - a friend of mine e-mail it to me over the weekend....
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ROTFLMAO that is to funny
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omg, that is hilarious!
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Too funny!
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Brilliant! That's a dog who knows what he wants – or rather doesn’t want!

Mulder was an angel at the vets. I could carry him in and he’d sit patiently in my arms and then let her do whatever needed to be done. I need a carry kennel for the girls. Lil is quite brave and sits it out but Leenie has managed to escape or scratch someone every time till now even though she’s such a peaceful cat otherwise.
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That is so funny! I have tears streaming down my face right now, and my husband is in hysterics, too!
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