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OMG!!! Santa Clause is dead???!!!!!!!!!

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Is this really possible?
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is that possible????
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That just cant be possible!!! But the poor kid on the photo seems to believe it
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God I hope this was photoshopped, ROTFL!! Poor Kid!
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He had a good run.

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I'm sure the world would have noticed Santa Claus' death three years ago. Imagine the media frenzy.
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I just want to scoop that poor little boy up and give him a hug he looks really upset.

Was this photoshopped ??
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It totally looks photoshopped.
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Well, I certainly hope so! Otherwise, I want to do serious damage to the person who exposed the kid to that scene. (and I really don't like to be thinking that kind of thought -- particularly at this time of year )
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This is certainly photoshopped!

I'm still trying to find the site. Please, bear with me.
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It is indeed photoshopped.

And while attempting to find the original artist on the internet, I stumbled on this story where a real Santa Claus did die. I still haven't found the artist.

A man changed his name to Santa Claus so that ha could keep the spirit of Santa alive for children.

Santa Story

I don't think I am able to find the artist, but I do hope this brings relief to those who worried.

And just to prove that Santa isn't dead, I found this scientific explanation.

Santa Lives
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Excellent pieces -- love the "scientific" ones!
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I was doing a google search for Santa jokes last night and here's the site where I found the picture. http://www.clublaugh.com/ It's in featured funnies, and it's the third from the right.

P.S. I really think this was photoshoped too.
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It's photochopped. Been around on the net for several years.
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I've seen a similar picture with Elvis' name on the grave stone, except there was even more poorly photoshopped paper people crying on the scene. Apparently, Elvis has been dead for years as well, but it never ceases to shock the masses.
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