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Trading Spaces Family episode Strike???

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Has anyone seen the new episode tonite about Family Trading Spaces strike?? If so, could anyone tell me what the family went on strike over???

I started watching it but to my dismay and disappointment, the episode WAS NOT CLOSED CAPTIONED!! I have sent emails a couple months ago asking why their shows aren't closed captioned all the time and they replied saying they try to but not always. OF COURSE this NEW episode wasn't closed captioned!

Anyone watch?? IF SO, tell me what happened!
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Well, I don't watch the show. Australia has its own version and there's one contentious designer that has been given more freedom this season leading to outbursts of "We hate it." Though no newspaper rooms yet.

I hope someone can help you.
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Pamela, hubby didn't see that episode and I can't find anything online. Now you've got me interested! I've always thought I'd go on strike with some of those designers (like Hilde).
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I missed it too dang it! I'll have to ask around at work tomorrow...we've got a lot of Trading Spaces Lovers!
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no, really!? i am sorry i missed that one!!!

i know it wasn't the stupid cardboard room. that one was captioned but i am surprised the couple on that show didn't declare mutiny on hilde. yuck!!
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I guess we all missed it . And now I want to know what happend
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Hey I don't watch the show that much but I found a link to forums about it and I think they are talking about the episode you mentioned in this thread: http://discovery.infopop.net/1/OpenT...5&m=4841958886

Sorry if I'm wrong!
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blueangel479, You were on the right track about the link.... However, there were no specific info on WHAT the family went on strike over- paint? Color? furniture? What? That's what I'm curious about...

Shell, pls do ask ur friends and let me know exactly what the family went on strike over and how it was resolved..

Also for clarification this strike was on the Trading Spaces FOR FAMILIES- not for couples.. New episodes of Trading Spaces Families are usually on Sunday nites about 8ish pm (in east).
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From what my daughter says, they did not like what was being done in the room, and the designer refused to change it.
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I HAVE to start watching Trading Spaces again!!
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