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Playing or fighting? How to tell?!?

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I know this is going to sound like a really stupid question, but, here goes.

I sometimes cannot tell if Duncan and Jellybean are playing or fighting. From what I observe, it is fairly obvious that Duncan is the dominant, alpha-cat, if you will. He and Jellybean hang out together all the time, although, they always sleep at least 3 feet apart from the other. They are usually found in the same proximity as the other one. Hattie, is another story all together. She is a loner, and prefers human company. She does not care for the Duncan and Jellybean, or the dogs.

This is the scenario that I often observe. Jellybean and Duncan will be sitting fairly close to each other, then, all of a sudden Duncan will sort of wrap his paw around Jellybeans neck and bite the back (scruff) of Jellybean's neck. It's weird. Jellybean doesn't really like it, but, on the other hand, he doesn't really get too upset about it, either. Is that a form of playing? showing dominance? or is it fighting?

Another thing I observe between Jellybean and Hattie is that Jellybean seems to love to torment Hattie. He doesn't DO anything to her, but, he absolutely loves to chase her. Hattie gets all p.o.'d and hisses like h*ll at him, but, that is the extent of it. I *think* he is just playing?

Mainly, my question was...is the biting the back of the neck thing an aggressive thing? normal? what's it all about? They do seem to enjoy each other's company. I should note that Duncan never hurts Jellybean, in fact, it looks like it is a fairly gentle type of hold he has on him.

How can you tell the difference between playing and fighting?!?

See...I TOLD you this was a dumb question! lol!

Waiting to hear from you all...Cindy W.
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Is Duncan neutered?

It is just a form of playing. The warning signs come in the posturing of the cat- narrowed eyes, pinned ears, tail tucked low, ruff of the neck up those types of things.
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All my pets are spayed/neutered!

No signs of any of the things you described at all. Just Duncan being obnoxious and ornery with Jellybean. Never narrowed eyes, pinned ears, tail tucked low, or hair raising. Maybe he just enjoys tormenting Jellybean. He rather seems to enjoy it. He's much bigger than Jellybean and just plows him over. Duncan is around 17 pounds and Jellybean is only around 9 pounds.

I guess they really are just playing. Duncan is just having more fun than Jellybean!

Cindy W.
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