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Terrorisom Level Raised

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This alert stuff is getting scary to me. Especially now that the level has been raised to orange now. Also I think this is a credible reason to raise it.
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I'm probably much too cynical - I have the impression that the "terror alerts" are issued whenever there is news that casts a negative shadow on the Bush administration. This past week there has been very positive news (Saddam's capture, Libya's willingness to stop attempts to develop WMDs, and Afghanistan's preliminary decision to adopt an American-style form of government), but also court decisions that put the administration's behavior in a bad light (Padilla, treatment of Gitmo prisoners). On the other hand, Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year's celebrations make perfect al Queda targets. So - I'd avoid mass celebrations, but not give into paranoia.
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They also might want to rethink New Years Eve parties too.... The big one in Time Square because that draws about a million people watching on television and live to watch the ball drop.
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Im not worried about it in the least. Its christmas, so of course they have to raise the level. People gather in large crowds for partys and such. Besides, if an attack did happen on christmas, and the government had not raised the color, they be put in a position of looking quite stupid. I wouldn't worry at all. Theyre just playing it safe.

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I don't mean to offend anyone here but hasn't the end of year celebrations of non-Muslim countries always been a target for terrorist groups?

Think about it, if we're really to believe the point of view that any large gathering of people at any one event is a targat of terrorism, how does this differ to every other year?

Is the terrorism threat greater since the tragedies of 9/11 or because of the events after 9/11?

It's just that people in other nations do not neccessarily receive all the news and information that we do. And fewer still are interested in global politics. And not everyone has been entitled to an education or have the skills required for analysing information given to them.
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It was only after 9/11 that Homeland Security was formed, and started issuing alerts. So the risk may have been the same every year, but it is the past two years that the public is informed about it this way.

And I agree, they are playing a pretty good game of "cover your ass", in case something happens, which is always possible. As I understand it, this is a pretty non-specific alert, just warning of the risk of attack against Americans at home or abroad. That's pretty certain, when American troops are still in a war zone.
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I'm not changing my routine or plans over this, because I try to use common sense in the first place. I have not been to a mall since before the holidays started, I am not going to any big xmas or new years parties, I am staying off the highways on the holidays.

I doubt that the terrorists are interested in Abington, PA. Not much going on here for the holidays, unless you count the day-after-xmas sale at Target. Our big holiday outing is going to be going to the movies to see Peter Pan. The rest of it will be spent home with the kitties and computers.
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I had 2 thoughts strike me on the raised alert:

1) Is our country going to suffer from the "boy who cried wolf" syndrome and become apathetic when alerts like these are raised? Were they raised to readily in the past and therefore people to apt to ignore them going forward? I would hope not.

2) Interesting that the alert level goes up right after Sadam was captured. While its obvious that the government is not going to share their intelligence information and compromise their sources, you have to wonder if we're going to see retalitory strikes because of his capture.
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Christian and Jewish holidays are peak times for terrorist activities. In the past, Christmas, Easter, Hannukah and Yom Kippur have seen attacks.

A bit of common sense and vigilance should be the average person's response to the elevated alert.
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America(as well as many other countries)has so many threats on a given day that we probably are better off not knowing the volume or exact details. I'm afraid this would paralyze too many people if they were in the loop.

I'm not changing any of my plans at all so as far as I'm concerned, the terrorists lost trying to instill fear in me.

Also, I was wondering if these warnings aren't meant(in part) to make us apathetic about terrorism so we do live our lives without fear. Your ideas on this?
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If anyone didn't think that it wasn't going to be raised to Orange for the massive holiday gatherings and travel, they haven't been paying attention.

Yes, I do think that we are going to become very apathetic about the whole threat level system. I'm already there, honestly.
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Although this is the third time the level has been raised to Orange, I do not remember many of the security measures that have been publisized over the past couple of days:
  • State police officers from CT, NJ, and NY riding Metro North trains
  • Pentagon officials practicing security drills
  • Fighter jets being scrambled and patrolling

I have a friend who was questioned by the FBI for several hours a few weeks ago over a co-worker who has since been terminated by the company.

I believe that more is going on behind the scenes than the American people are aware of, and that this raise in the security level is legimate.
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I work right across the river on the Jersey of where the World Trade Center was and this morning was very eerie. As I was coming out of the Path, National Guard Troups with machine guns were pulling up. Not sure if the made feel safer or more scared.
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Historically, holidays have been peak times for what might be characterized as "terrorist" activity.

In Eastern Europe, it was common for pogroms to occur at Easter, after local priests incited the poplace, by portraying Jews as the killers of Jesus. They also occurred during Jewish holy days, when they could be assured of finding everyone in one place - the synagogue.

Even George Washington took advantage of Christmas Eve, to attack the British at Trenton.

In more recent times, there were the Yom Kippur War and the Tet offensive.

Considering all of the events and setbacks incurred by radical Muslims, this year, it is conceivable that they might want to close out the year with a large demonstration. Not being privy to all of the intelligence and "chatter", I will continue to go about my business, as there is really nothing that I can do about about any of this, anyway.
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They already announced several months ago that al Qaeda had abandoned a plan to attack the Brooklyn Bridge, because of the security procedures in place. They picked that up from 'chatter'.
My biggest fear is an attack on the UN, in an effort to further fracture the US's relations with other countries, as they have been doing in Iraq & Turkey. (i.e. attacking non-Americans who are there working, such as the Spanish & the Italians.) The UN is just one and a half miles north of me as a pigeon flies. I'm assumed that it is being guarded up the wazoo, but since it is right next to a river, that probably complicates security measures. I'm glad that the police commissioner now is Ray Kelly, who really has his act together.The mayor on the other hand makes me a little nervous.
While a very smart man who built a huge company from the ground up,
he is about as bland as a person can be, and doesn't connect to people well. Pre 9-11, a lot of people didn't like Mayor Giuliani, but no one had any doubt that he would step up to the plate with a passion under any circumstances, even if they didn't agree with his viewpoint on a particular issue.

The New Year's thing in Times Square would probably require chemical/biological agents to mount an attack. It's too contained among large buildings for something like an airplane strike.
I hope my fellow Americans don't take too much umbrage with me for saying this, but if they are actually going after some target, I kinda hope it is on the west coast this time. I've heard from a number of people that numerous Californians in particular think that NYC should have 'gotten past 9-11 by now', and that 'we're just milking the situation'. My brother was in California over the summer visiting his son, and got into a conversation with a elderly retiree who made a similar comment to him, even after hearing that my brother was a retired NYPD officer. If al Qaeda took out the Golden Gate Bridge, or UC Berkeley, I have a feeling they would all be singing a different tune. While I fortunately did not lose anyone that I knew on 9-11, there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about it.
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I completely agree with you, Lucia. How anyone can look at the images from that day and remain unchanged is beyond me. I have a tough time watching gratutious destruction in a movie now. It reminds me too much of the real thing. (A scene in Terminator 3 comes to mind). And if you have visited Ground Zero, the size of the area has a major impact on you, like nothing on tv could have.

From what I have been reading on, L.A. and LAX are concerns this time around. I remember thinking on 9/11 that for the first time in my life, I actually felt unsafe in the U.S. That holds true today, as well.
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I suspect they do have concrete information - but that doesn't mean that anything is really going to happen. We have alot of alerts here and fortunately, more often then not, nothing happens. Every now and then we are told how many bombings have been stopped in their tracks.

Then again, some terror attacks are not stopped

I used to say I won't let terrorists dictate my routine. I used to go to malls, restaurants etc and not worry about anything. Ever since I became a monther my attitude changed. I now stay away from crowded places if I can help it. When we do go out, I always have this fear in the back of my mind

I guess what I'm saying is IMO the raise in alert in the US seems to be genuine enough. This doesn't mean anyone of you should change any of your plans. That is up to the individual. The real risk of terrorism is minor - you have a higher risk of being hit by a car. It's the psychological damage that's worse.
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The latest word, on MSNBC, is that all international flights have been cancelled, due to intel that OBL has plans to use foreign airliners to hit US targets. The warning has been given: if there is no recourse, the US military WILL shoot down any civilian airliner that threatens the US.
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Wow, I have to turn into MSNBC. All CNN is saying right now is that 3 Air France flights have been cancelled that were flying to LA. Two were direct to LA, and one was to LA via Cincinnati. Guess where the Cincinnati airport is? Actually it is in Kentucky and about 10 miles away. *sigh*
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