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Sunday Daily Thread

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Thought I would start the daily thread, as this is the first time in days that I have had to sit in front of the computer and veg.

It's in the 30s here in Florida, which is a big deal for those of us with poorly insulated houses. Wish I had a fireplace.

I did my final volunteer stint at ushering at the Bucs/Falcons game yesterday. I got a decent posting....in the club section at the 50 yard line. One of the Fox Sports cameramen was set up right next to me. It was pretty cold, though. All in all, it was an interesting experience this season, although I wouldn't be rushing to volunteer again.

Hope everyone else is having a relaxing Sunday.
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I've been up, since 3:00. A coughing fit got me up and, by the time the cough syrup kicked in, I couldn't go back to sleep.

Bill and I have already been to Wal-Mart for cat food and we'll go get groceries, a bit later. Rowdy and I have been arguing over the Christmas tree: she thinks that she should play in it and I disagree with her. We're both stubborn and it makes for an interesting "discussion". I'm ready to stuff her in Pearl's crate, until after Christmas.
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this sunday was a disaster for me!!! I took meow to the vet to get her checked for her skin allergy.. instead of sitting nicely and being a good girl, she decides she wanna go check out the vet's cabinet... well, she made a dash for it and she toppled a couple of things... and the vet assistant heard the noise and asked if i was ok.... oh boy, was i embarrassed.. as if it wasn't enough.. she has some parasites growing on her and needed some medication... when the vet gave her a jab, she hissed and growled... i bet she swore that she would bite the vet if there's a chance too... finally we are on our way home and she had to start her symphony on the drive home and boy, was i glad to be home....
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Kate,I hope meow meow gets better soon!

I had to take Pollýanna to the vet last friday, only about 10 days after she went there last. I hope she will get better soon - and stay well!

Today I was gonna to the shops and finish my Christmas shopping, but then my s/o´s mum phoned, and asked him to take her to his auanat, who is about 80, since she had been ill, and now didn´t answer the phone. She was unconsous, and they had her taken to the hospital, and are still there, more then 6 hours later. I hope she will be fine.

So, instead, I have been doing tons of laundy and stuff that needed to be done around the house, is there anyone who would be so kind and come and fold all those clean washings????
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A quiet Sunday, thank goodness.
Last night I went to a pot luck dinner, had some fun, won $14 playing bingo That will go towards a dinner at my favourite restaurant - the mexican waiter sometimes gives me free desserts - they are the bestest - I never knew mexican desserts were so good, especially sopapillas (sp?)
The highlight of my evening was someone coming up to me and telling me that I lost weight (which I posted in the weight loss support thread) and so this morning, I weighed myself and I have lost a total of 10 lbs which I am so happy about.

I feel so sleepy zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz LOL

Have a good day all!
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Hey, Kellye, congratulations on you weight loss! This is so great!

But...since you lost all those pounds, you might want them back, and so you don´t have to spend a lot if time looking for them, I just wanted to tell you I know exactly where they are! They are right here And actually, I have enought, so I don´t really want them!
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Sesselja - you can tell those pounds never to come back! I had a hard time getting rid of them!
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Ok, I´ll try finding someonw who wants them! Hey, I might give them to someone for Christmas that I think needs them
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We're having our Christmas celebration today!! We're heading out of town to a friends house for Christmas and couldn't figure out another day to hold our Christmas together.

Got a turkey in the oven, dressing, mashed potatoes, green beans, rolls, and gravy ready to go. It's just the 2 of us, so I think the kitties are in for a pleasant treat later today (as Dan Ackroyd playing Julia Childs used to say: "save the liver!").

Santa has been good thus far today (we stretch this out to an all day event) - got a cool exercise bike, some fuzzy jammies and CDs (we've got them playing while the turkey cooks). Steve got his puppy, more CDs, clothes and a bird clock (it is driving the cats WILD).

The cats have a host of new toys (balls, catnip toys), and best yet, they get every balled up piece of wrapping paper and box that we come across. The house is already littered.

Taking a break in the day while Steve runs to the store (ran out of milk).....

Everyone have a great day!!
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I can't believe Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Time really does fly. We did our Christmas shopping yesterday it was very packed but not as busy as I thought it would be , I nearly fainted because I get chlostrophobic badly and it was . I'm going to wrap the presents today and I'm going with my friends down to the beach.

Hope everyone has a lovely day.
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Got up early and went out to the pasture in time to see Racer bucking and snorting his way across the grass! I yelled at him to hold, and he did and just looked at me like "What?" I guess with his new shoes for Christmas, he is feeling pretty darn good! But still, he shouldn't be exerting himself- not that I could stop him, but I can at least try.

Mike took me to breakfast, to Elmers. I had this really neat form of Eggs Benedict, except it was made with crab cakes and small maple flavored crepes underneath, really good!

Then finally connected with Anne and we did some work before she went to bed.

The Trips are back to their own mischief. Noddy was hissing and growling at her sisters so I put some vanilla on everyone and now everyone is happy. I couldn't believe it though, I went to the grocery store to get more vanilla and saw a bottle of Pure Vanilla Extract for $21.00! I got the imitation kind! Then I stopped at a discount store to pick up some stuff and this lady came in carrying a puppy, shivering, and all wrapped up in a towel- at tops 2 weeks old! I went over to see the baby and asked her where she got it, well she got it from a friend who got it from a puppy mill- sigh- and the pup hasn't eaten anything- they were trying to feed it canned food! I hauled her all over the store, getting her bottles, and goats milk, and karo syrup and giving her instructions on how to care for the poor thing. It didn't look like it was going to make it though, and according to her she has had him for 4 days and he isn't eating.It was a baby german shepherd! I offered to take it, nuture it and give it back to her if it makes it, but she got all wild-eyed and drew away from me and said NO- sigh.........Oh well, guess she thought I was going to steal the poor thing. I hope he makes it though, he looks really sickly. She was going to give it to her mom for Christmas, but I urged her to take it to the vet first- immediately if not sooner! I gave her my phone number and address told her she is welcome to come over with him and we will see if we can get him strong. I hope she shows up.
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Miss Hissy,
you are wonderful to help that woman with the puppy. She should have trusted you to get him up and going.
My Sunday has been laundry and wrapping presents. I am rewarding myself with some hand quilting now. I have made 5 cat quilts since Thanksgiving. They will all be given away.
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I would love to see pictures of your quilts!!
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If I see another oven again I think I'll scream! So far we've done 4 shepherds pies, loads of corned beef pasties, a coconut christmas sponge and a roast ham! Hope everyone's having a merry christmas so far, I can't wait for tomorrow........ no baking!!!!
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I just put three pics up in the site! Enjoy!
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