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A note from the newbie

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Hello all!

My name is Jon Young, and I am a 19 year old college student. I'm living in TN where I'm majoring in information systems managment and sharing a house with 3 other guys (more like the Chez Geek card game the MTV's The Real World) and of course, my cat, Shanny the Easily Amused.

She is a 2 year old half siameese that just sort of showed up one night. She was a neighbor's cat, but as cats tend to, she decided to moove. I took her in and looked for the owners, and when I found them, they said I could keep her.

She has a beautiful voice and likes to sing while I play the guitar, and her favorite treat is a liver snack.

Other than music, our other shared hobbies are:

She likes to sit on my deck while I play Magic: the Gathering or the Star Wars CCG.

She likes to roll my dice for me while playing Changling or the Star Wars RPG.

She loves being underfoot while I cook.

She sometimes types for me while I am online or doing homework.

and she loves laying in my lap while we watch movies or play video games.

well.. that about covers it for introductions.

Jon Young and Shanny the Easily Amused
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Welcome Jon!! It sounds like it may be hard to find a human soul mate with Shanny around. It's kinda hard to beat all the stuff she does!!
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Welcome Jon!! Shanny sounds absolutely adorable!!! You will definately have to find another cat lover!!

I hope you enjoy the forums here....everyone is really friendly and their are alot of knowledgeable people around to answer any questions you might have. We also just like listening to any cute cat stories you might have! Welcome!
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