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Its due to snow!!!

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...well here in the cold and windy north of England - we are due snow tonight or tomorrow for sure and I hate the stuff. Gimme hot and sunny with a tad of breeze and I will be happy. So , I decided I would get the car ready - went out early this morning and washed it and got rid of the salt from the drive on the motorway last night. Then gave her a coat of wax (always a good idea at this time of the year I am told given the weather). Also been out and filled up with fuel, checked the tyres and put some more air in (always check the spare in the boot) and then started wondering what would happen if I was stuck in snow.
So, in the boot I have made sure I have a rope, torch, a couple of bars of chocloate (hate the stuff normally), have also put a blanket in there and filled a bottle of water up full. (I have a mate who was fined £30 for not having any water in his bottle - not getting me on that one - also there in case someone over heats in a car - it helps for them).
Have put the mobile on charge and will take it off tomorrow and stuck the umbrella in.
I learnt all this stuff from the AA people.
As a further thought, as there are a lot of women drivers driving alone out there - if some bloke tries to make you slow down as has broken down - DONT STOP. We live in a world where there are men that are not honourable in wanting help and I would advise to carry on driving and away at speed if safe to do so. Tell people what time you are leaving and expected ETA and give them your mobile no and ensure your mobile is up to date with their numbers.
Just make sure your car is ready for the winter - brakes, windows and wipers all good - heaters- front and rear working.
A final bit of advice for you - when the rear window fogs up - put on the heater thing and as soon as its clear - turn it off. This one thing draws a lot of current from a battery and if you did break down, turn it off completely. Its better to have the amps going to the starter motor enabling the engine to turn over fully than draining it on something not worth using. Lessens the chance of a flattened battery greatly... now its just a case of taking the mobile and please have a safe trip for me over the holiday period wherever you may be going.
Many thanks
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Having been raised in Chicago, we had a checklist of items to keep in the trunk for snow.

1) Jumper cables
2) A throw rug with rubber backing (throw it under the tires if you get stuck
3) A 20 pound bag of clay cat litter (throw it under the tires if you are stuck on ice to get traction)
4) A snow shovel
5) Windshield cleaner (the kind that doesn't freeze) - you go thru it fast when streets are salted
6) Blankets and other stuff that you previously mentioned.

When I moved to Kansas City, which doesn't get as much snow, I used my kitty litter trick for someone stuck in an icy parking lot (I of course had some in my trunk). They were amazed how it worked and I got a lot of converts that day on the value of kitty litter on ice.
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Living in southern AZ, we don't worry about snow. There ARE a few necessities, that one should carry, though:

jumper cables (our summer heat is rough on batteries)
cell phone (with so much wide open space, you can be a long way from help)
oven mitts (if you don't have a steering wheel cover)
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