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Cat in heat

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My kitty Jazmine is obviously in heat right now - she's kept us up all night. She will not be able to be spayed until next month (we're college students and it's a money matter). I was wondering how long this will last and if we can do anything for her (to quiet her down). She gets quiet when I rub her but then she walks off again and starts making more noise.
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Well I am afraid that there is nothing what would help her you can do . To rub her in the back will only stimulate her for more .
Can you maybe just call differend vets and explain the problem with your girl and maybe they let you make payments . There are vets who do that . Btw. a female cat can go in and out of heat in a time of a week or two .
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Having just gone through this with my three kittens, the only way that you can stop the heat is to get the cat spayed or mated, and I don't recommend the latter. Call your vet and talk to him about payments, most are good about that.
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I don't have any advice for you to keep her quiet except for what PurrfectCatlove & Hissy have already said.
She will keep coming right back in heat until she is spayed.It is NOT fun.One of my cats came in heat 2 or 3 times in no time until I was able to get her spayed.I already had an appointment,but where I go it takes up to 2 months to get in,so all I could do was wait it out.She almost drove me nuts.

If you are not able to find a way to get her fixed before next month,PLEASE be sure and not let her outside so she can get pregnant.
Good luck.
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