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Hello and Happy Holidays to all.

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I posted a couple of weeks ago about a client of mine feeling guilty over leaving her 8 yr-old cat alone too much at their lake house. She had asked me "if anyone wanted a really nice cat because I don't take care of her like I should." My reaction was disbelief. This woman pays me to care for cat when she is in the city, and the cat has lots of room to play and big sunny windows to look out. I gave this woman a "guilt trip" in the oppposite direction. I told her that the cat was older and didn't stand a good chance at a new home.

Well, as I posted before, the woman contacted me and said she really wanted to get her cat a buddy but her husband told her "NO!" I said I would do the intro process and at first they agreed. Then her husband (as of yesterday) had put the kabosh on it. TODAY I get a message that they have a new cat!!!!!! It is in the city and her first cat is at their lake house. They are bringing the new cat up here on Tues. They said they would be gone until the middle of January. This is absolutely PERFECT!! I don't go back to school until the middle of January. Now, instead of one cat losing a home, TWO cats have a home!! Wish me luck on the intro process. I just went through it here at my home with Lily and Autumn and it went off without a hitch!!!
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That is wonderful news . I wish you tons of luck for the intro of both cats .
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That is awesome news Good luck with the intros
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I spoke with my client and she told me she was going to adopt a senior kitty !! (or at least middle-aged). She is an 8 year-old DMS grey, FP Declaw. Here is a link to the one I THINK it is:


She said her husband was still opposed to the idea but she had to do what she had to do.
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Pretty Girl sure is a pretty girl
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than the one she was going to. She is a former spanish teacher and when she went to adopt the grey cat, she overheard two girls speaking in Spanish. One said to the other, "I hope her eyes are cleared up". My client (much to their suprise) turned to them and said, "what do you mean about her eyes?" The girls told her that cat was being treated for a contagious eye infection. My client said she had another cat at home and couldn't take this one after all. The shelter manager on duty told her to go select another one. My client said she needed a declawed cat. The shelter manager said. "Oh, we just got in a very nice de-clawed Calico that is about 4 years-old. So, my client brought HER home instead. She named the new cat Sweetie. She is just that. VERY sweet. She rolls over for belly rubs and kneads her paws in the air!!
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