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Please Help

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Please Help!! I am new to this page I have a question and need some help. We have 2 cats, one is 2 years old and is an indoor cat, she has been declawed and spayed, recently some of our neighbors moved away and left a kitten that looks to be about 3 months old. He is a Bobtail cat. We have been caring for him until we find him a home, and have been bringing him inside at night to protect him from the cold weather we have been having, but for 2 days now he has had severe Diarriha, its also uncontrolable it just comes out of him when he is sitting or laying or walking. What could be the cause of this, and could it be contaigous to our other kitty. He is drinking plenty of water and had still been eating. We cant afford to take him to the vet right now, is there anything we can do to treat him at home. Im not sure if he has had any shots or not. He has not acted sick other than the diarhea. Any advise would be greatly appericated,Email are aslo welcome. Leighwest5@aol.com Thank You
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I would keep that kitten away from you other cats in a separate room where it is easy to clean up , maybe the bathroom would be a good idea . I am sorry to tell you , but there is no other way then the vet visit with the kitten . Really it could be a lot of things what that kitten has . Maybe if you talk to your vet he/she may alow you to make payments to them .Most vets you can talk to about that . So please start phoning different vets , the kitten need to be seen as soon as possible by a vet .
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The kitten can go down hill very quickly - the stomach upset will lead to dehydration and that will bring a whole new set of problems. Please could you take the kitten to a vet? It could well save it's life if you do.
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Thank You all for you advise. We are making arrangements to take him to our vet
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I am so glad you made that decition with the kitten . Please keep us up dated , thanks
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Is this bobtailed kitten one without a tail at all or does it have a stump? The reason I ask is that The Sammycat when I first got him had that problem only his was urine. It was due to him missing part of his backbone about 1/2 inch from the end of his body where his tail should have started.

I agree with everyone else that you should take this baby to the Vet to be checked over. Diarreha is nothing to mess around with in a small kitten or any cat for that matter. I hope all goes well with this baby let us know how he/she is
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Thanks again for your responses, Bob is doing better I called the Emergencey Vet and they told me what to do and to just watch him carefully and take him to our Vet on Monday. They said that it sounded like he had i think the proper spelling is Toxicima. He is a bobtail kitty but he has a stump. We have brought him inside and put him out extra bathroom with his own litter and plenty of food and water.
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