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I got some good news yesterday

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After last week when I took my family up to see Dad's grave and there was no marker there, I just about freaked. I was so upset because I felt like I let them and most especially my Dad down

Anywho to make a long story short. I got in touch with the company. I got a call right before I left work yesterday and was told that Dad's marker was picked up and was on it's way to be placed on Dad's grave. They assured me that it will be on by Christmas day That will be the very best present that I can give Mom and the rest of the family Now I need to make the plans for the 3 hour trip one way so I can take them all to see it
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What great news , I am so happy for you .
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Cathi, I am so glad that they got their a into g and did something. Drive carefully when you make your trip.
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I am very relieved now. And also what Kellye said too
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That is a great Christmas Present for you and your family - to have your Dad memorialized the way he should be. I'm glad it worked out to be here in time for the holiday!
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I'm glad they finally got it done...
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I just got a call about 20 minutes ago. They are at the cemetary now to put the marker on Dad's grave I am so happy They just needed the directions in the cemetary for the exact spot. They told me they would call me back when it is completed I can't wait!
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I'm glad you got the grave marker up. It normally takes a very long time to get them up. It used to take a very long time (I've heard of a year or so as not being unusual).
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IT's on It's on I just got the call that it is on Dad's grave and it is beautiful I am so happy I just called Mom and told her that we are going to make a trip to see it in the morning. I could hear her tears in her voice when I told her. Mom said she is so happy too
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That's wonderful news!

Drive safely on your way there and back.
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THat's great Cathi! I remember when we were waiting for my uncles stone to be placed. It seemed like it took forever (and it did!) I think it took well over a year. There was some delay because it was also a military headstone or something. God knows. But it was all such a headache at the time!
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In New Zealand, if you are a maori, (which I am partly) your headstone comes on your grave exactly a year later, never before. But in that situation, we totally expect it. And I am sorry that you have to go through hell before it finally happened. I am just happy for you that its been resolved and I hope it is a good day tomorrow.
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Glad to hear things have turned out ok. Have a safe trip.
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Cathi, I am so glad that his marker is finally placed. We know that Granny's won't be there until around my birthday (Jan. 14) because they are making it very fancy...which I don't mind...but I am getting impatient. I went to the cemetary on Wednesday and sat on the concrete that was already poured for the headstone and placed some pink roses next to all the little wreaths and angels my baby cousins put around the grave. It was so precious...I sat there for a long time until it got dark and cold...but I felt better when I left. I even wrote "Love you Granny" in the dirt and the next day my mom said she saw it...what a different Christmas this will be...remember the joys you had with your father as I will remember the joys I had with my Granny. Merry Christmas Cathi!
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The trip yesterday was long but it turned out well
Mom was very pleased with the marker for Dad's grave. It is a medium gray with a lighter gray area that has roses carved in it with his name and dates. They even left room for the Veterans Memorial that will be coming in the next few months(I hope). I sat on the ground by him and had a talk with him and cried because this was the only present that I could give him this Christmas.

It is indeed going to be a sad Christmas this year and every year from now on. Mom and Dad's 50th anniversary would have been on December 24th this year. It is going to be awful for Mom All of us kids will be with her and I hope that will help ease her pain a little bit anyway Sorry here I go crying again But at least the trip went well and Mom was happy about the marker for Dad.
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Kathi.... have one of these ((((Kathi)))
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I'm glad the trip turned out well for you.

Your dad will be with you all at Christmas in your memories. Remember the good times that were had by all and remember the cherished moments that you shared.
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