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I need an adress from a girl that has been my "penpal" since 1980. We wrote for many years, she even came to Iceland once and we talked on the phone when I lived in the US. Then there was a few years of no writing, I guess we were at an age when we had other important things to do than to write letter but then we started writing again, not very often, but still abit and always for Christmas. The last time I heard from her was 2 years ago, she sent me a photo of her new baby and her hubby, but then I kind of lost her. I know she moved, within Cincinati I think, but I lost the last address I had, and maybe she lost mine.

Before Christmas 2 years ago I tried fining her address on the internet, wrote a Christmas card to the one tha was likely to be her, and said I hoped I was sending the card to the right one that I had been writing to, so please email me. I got the email saying congratulations on beeing pregnant, sorry to hear about you cat (Pollýanna had been very ill), I´m fine, hope to talk soon. I somehow knew this wasn´t the right one, so I wrote back asking how her little girl was and I remembered it right that her hubby´s name was David...I got an answer of what do you mean, I dont have children and no hubby! I found it rather strange, and kinof funny that someone would get a Christmas card from a total stranger, and not find that odd at all, just starting to "participate" in my like

So, is there anyone who can help me locate this "girl" (I am a girl, then other females born around 1969 are girls too!) I thougth it might be easyer beeing closer than I am.

Please email me og PM me if you are villing to try