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Hi all, I thought I would give this a try, Its nice to see there are so many cat lovers out there. chow for now.
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Welcome to TCS , it is nice meeting you . I was reading your profile and see you have 2 cats , how nice .
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Thanks , Are those all your kittys?
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Yes Oava they are all mine and a few more
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Wow Hedi, Are they all indoor cats? That is a big family. I wish I could have more, but my cats seen to freak out when I try to bring home a new member to the family. Ava
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Oava I have 19 insite cats and 5 outsite cats . But I also have a cat enclosure where the insite cats go freely in and out .
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We have so much snow up here,that my cats just want to stay indoors. In the spring they both have a cat chain they use to go out. Minnesota weather sucks. I like warm weather. I use to live in St Petersburg Fla. I miss it.
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Welcome to the site Ava! So tell us a little about your kitties.

I also have two cats, Trent and Ophelia. Trent is by big black fluffy loverboy, and Ophelia is just a whisp of a thing in black and white. Trent is a big Mommy's Boy and Ophelia is definitely Daddy's girl, so at least that works out well.
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Hello, Ava! Welcome! Why don't you tell us more about your 2 cats?
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I have 2 tabby cats. Newman is the firecracker, who rules the roost or he likes to think so. He spends his days watching birds in the morningby his favorite window, then retires to our bed for his looooooong nap! He has a yellow coat of fur w/ white makings. Then theres Cosmo, he is are special kitty as we like to call him. He is afraid of his own shadow,sounds,But he is also my lap kitty. Cosmo loves to be loved. He will follow me to every room and be content to have my company. He's a head buter and does'nt like to be picked up. There both 7 yrs. old . they are both talkers. If you ask them if they want to go outside they will answer you. Cats are so cool. Cosmo has a gray fur coat w/ white markings.
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Welcome, Ava, Newman and Cosmo!!!
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Thanks for welcoming me to the ncoolest site I've found on cats You are so lucky to be able to have all the kittys you can handle. I too want to always bring them home. I also will move a cat or dog off the road if they have been hit. I can't stand to see cars keep running over them. I do get the looks. But IF it were my kittys I would hope some one would do the same. Any one else out there that has done this ?
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Hi Welcome to TCS! just love to see pictures Sound like you have two beautiful kitties!

I have two rotten boys, Oscar the tabby and The Sammycat the black Manx. They are sending you purrs of welcome and head bonks too

Hey did I mention that we like pictures?
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I love the pictures also. My I post them. Or do I need to be a member for a while?
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Originally posted by oava
I love the pictures also. My I post them. Or do I need to be a member for a while?
Heck no post away It took me a little while to fiqure out how to post the pictures but there is a thread at the top of this forum that will tell you how to do that.
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Now all I need to do Is figure how to do it. I'll be back
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Welcome! Hope to see pics soon.

Newman and Cosmo, eh? No, I didn't watch the show, but Hubby loved it. They sound like such characters, looking forward to hearing more about your cats.
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Welcome to the site Ava, Newman and Cosmo!

I have actually buried cats that have been run over. There is a problem with the local feral cats. The area is severly over-populated and no one wants to deal with the situation responsibly. It's currently being ignored.

I have posted notices about one particular kitten that I buried. It was a purebred siamese as far as I could tell. To this day, no one has rung my number to say that she was theirs.

Post away! There's no restriction as to how long you've been a member for.
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Hi and welcome to TCS to you and your family.

Looking forwards to seeing pics of your beloved furrkids.
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I will remove them off the road if there not a mess, I think that is so kind that you,
put them to rest. Cats are remarkable creatures. these feral cats you speak of,are they friendly? I don't think I ever heard of these cats, sounds interesting. good day mate.
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Welcome to TCS!
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