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Which donut/doughnut do you like?

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I saw the doughnut/donut poll and i was wondering which kind of donut do you guys like? I like the plain ones with sugar.. they taste great! What about you guys?
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You mean cinnamon doughnuts....mmmm.....they're my favourite too.....especially fresh......mmmm......doughnuts......
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I love plain glazed doughnuts, second place the powdered ones.
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chocolate iced for me, plain glazed for the hubby
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The Krispy Creme Lemon Filled.
Bad thing is I have to drive over an hour to the nearest KK shop.
They do sell fresh KK around here at convienience stores,but NEVER have the lemon filled.
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Maple Walnut and Marble Fritters!
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Krispy Kreme chocolate iced custard filled! Wal-Mart has a wonderful, chocolate-iced chocolate filled chocolate triangle, too!
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glazed and bavarian creme
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Dunkin Donuts' toasted coconut.

A KK shop just opened about 30 minutes from me. I've never had one of theirs, but everyone raves over them, so maybe I should give it a try.
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Call me strange but i HATE donuts
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I liked the orignal glazed from KK but I'm a sucker for Boston Cream filled ones from Tim Hortons
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Don't know if they are consisdered doughnuts or not but I love maple bars and apple fritters.
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I am not very fond of doughnuts, but if given a choice, I guess I'll say Bavarian filled doughnuts.
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Wow - we must be in doughnut wasteland here!!!!!

I think Krispy Kremes are just about to come over to the UK, but really we only seem to have the ones with sugar on top and either jam or apple filling (or maybe I just don't really keep up with whats on offer in doughnutsville).

I'm every so boring, so like the plain ones (just the ring with no filling), but they have to be the mini ones coz they're really soft.
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wow! I didn't know there's so many different types of donuts!!We get the normal plain ones here and I sure would love to try some of those ones you guys mentioned

BTW, what's Bavarian?
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My absolute favorit is plain cake with a little nutmeg. When they're well made they're absolutely delicious (most are not well made).

Next--well made crulers. Yum!

Last--jelly donuts. Those are almost impossible to screw up so guess what I get mostly since no one seems to be able to make the above two very well.
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Boston creme doughnuts. I really miss them. Germany has great pastry, and even better bread, but no Boston cremes.
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Originally posted by Creepyowl
...I'm a sucker for Boston Cream filled ones from Tim Hortons
Yup. That's my weakness, too. SIGH.
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Our donuts are for Hanuka only Dunkin Donuts opened shop here some yeats ago but apparently were not in demand (not enough to keep the branch going). Howerver, in the past 2-3 years they started offering a variety of donuts for Hanuka - lots of fillings and topings. Me? I still prefer the regular jam filling and poweder sugar topping - the important thing is that they be fresh out of the pan!
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There is only one type of donuts over here, the ones with Cinnamon! Like Yola I love mini ones Why does NZ miss out on all the good stuff.
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Originally posted by Anne
...the important thing is that they be fresh out of the pan!
Got THAT one! Any FRESH donut beats even the most favoured one if it's not fresh.
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chocolate or glazed buttermilk
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My favorite is Shipley Doughnuts (glazed) and then the Krispy Kremes. My mother-in-law just called me and asked us to bring KK's to her house on Christmas Eve since they would have to drive to Houston just to get them...yummy...what a great morning we will have...mwhahaha
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All this talk about doughnuts is making me crave one. Hmmmm... I think I have a hankering for a chocolate glaze... It's funny how doughnuts never seem to change. I always think they would look cool with brightly colored icing like a cartoon. Except for the sprinkled ones, they're mostly brown. Sprinkles look cool, but let's face it, they don't taste as good as the icing that they're on.
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I like chocolate iced... just about anything. The long ones w/the cream in the middle are good. I like cherry & blueberry filled too. Oh man, I HAVE to get some donuts!!
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Chocolate covered bavarian cream here!!
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