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Awaiting a new kitten

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I am waiting on the release from the breeder of my newest kitten. She is a tortie Siamese and this feels like being pg and waiting on the delivery! I am totally new to this computer stuff... so bear with me. Subee
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That's great!!! Take lots of pictures and if u can post them.

And BTW welcome to TCS.
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Thanks for the fast reply and the warm welcome. I promise to figure the "picture" thing out. Subee
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Welcome! Can't wait to hear more about your new bundle, and to see pics!
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Welcome to the site! I can't imagine waiting for a little bundle of fur. Both of mine were kind of surprise acquisitions, so I had instant gratification with them.

I look forward to getting to know you and your furries on the board!
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Welcome to this wonderful site . My congrats on your new baby a tortie Siames aaawwww
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I'm also waiting to get my kitten, an American Bobtail. It's really hard waiting! He is 8 weeks old right now and I have to wait until around mid-January. He is pictured here at 5 weeks old. I think I'm going to name him Bogey.
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Fireshoes what a cutie boy
Make sure you make plenty of pics to share with us
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Subee, I've never had to wait for a kitten, they just entered my life. But I know it can be exciting waiting for them.

fireshoes, Bogey, (if you do name him this), looks adorable.

Welcome to the site. I hope you enjoy your stay here.
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Welcome Subee! How exciting!When do you expect her?
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The breeder says 12 weeks old. So I figure anytime after January 1st. I explained to her that I am home full time and that I have raised two feral kittens from almost newborn stage. You know; bottles and stimulating them to pee and poop. They made the best pets too as they were so totally bonded to me. But the breeder would not budge. I really think 12 weeks is way too old as their personalities are nearly formed by then. Sigh! She has control.
All of my cats have been rescues. This a total first for me to have a registered anything!
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Hi Subee Welcome to TCS! I can't wait to see picutes of your new baby I know that it is so hard waiting.
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Subee, I understand that 12 weeks is the accepted age at which kittens are released from their mothers. Sometimes they're kept longer if the breeder doesn't think that they aren't ready. Try not to worry about the personality being already developed. I believe that the personalities are always in development to what is in the environment.
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Hi and welcome to TCS Subee.

It's hard waiting but it'll be worth the wait when your precious baby arrives.
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