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Zoey & Saki got some new toys

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Here's some new pics of my kids playing with some toys from Princess Purr

Zoey went insane over this catnip cigar!

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And Saki playing with a purple spider

And playing fetch of course

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Your cats are SOOOOO cute. I love seeing pictures of them.
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It looks like Zoey and Saki had a ball playing with their new toys.... In that last pic of Master Saki, it looks like he has grown taller.
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Sicy, your furkids are so damn cute! Zoey is such a hoot! She seems so animated & the expressions on her face are priceless. Little Saki isn't quite so little anymore! He's gotten huge! But he's still a cutie and always will be!!!
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AAAWWWW how cute
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Awwww I just Zoey and Saki: They looked like they had a fabulous time with their new toys
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LMAO at the great pics! What little characters.
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awwww they are too adorable!!!!!
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They are toooooo darn cute!

I love Zoey's eyes when she is high on catnip, they are too funny!
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Cute and funny, as usual. I'm falling love with Saki by the way. He's such a cool looking boy. Zoey has always been a beauty, and the most expressive cat around.
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Yup, Zoey went totally bonkers over the new toy! But Saki seems to be taking it cool! What a lovely pair!
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Hey I like that spider! I've been looking for one! Does it have catnip in it? Saki sure looks like he likes it!
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I dont think it has catnip in it but it smells interesting!! lol.

I actually have two now. One I found at Petco and the other from Princess Purr.
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Sicy, I love the look on Zoey's face in that last pic of her! She looks like she is spaced! "Let me see if I can fit this catnip toy inside of my brain...."
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I don't think the spider has catnip in it, but it was sent with the catnip tailz cigar things that are VERY strong so i'm sure it smells like catnip now
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Zoey looks like either a Russian Blue or Charteaux. Am I right or at least close? Either way, I love her so Im breaking into your house & stealing her. (just joking!)
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lol you cant have her
I think she may have a little bit of both in her but she is labeled as a DSH.
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Sicy, she also can be considered a Hemingway Polydactyl. Ernest Hemingway was a cat lover, and had several DSH polys. There is a colony of polys on the site of his estate in Key West. Petfinder has a breed listing for Hemingway Polydactyls!
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Zoey definitely looked high in her pics! LOL Saki is so cute carrying stuff around.
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Hey Sue that's interesting..
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They are so cute!
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