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Cheesy gifts for teachers

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I don't know whether to be shocked that teachers would show so much ingratitude, or to laugh. Whatever happened to, "It's the thought that counts?" Still, some of these gifts are really the pits. LOL
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My mom taught 3rd grade for many years. Her school was in a very poor area where drug use and prostitution was the norm. She used to bring home a lot of very unusual gifts each year - not sure that they were all cheesy, but often it was obvious that the child took them out of their mother's dresser, wrapped them up and gave them to her (heck, some of these kids never owned a new pair of shoes or clothes in their lives).

While she appreciated every gift for the thought behind it, there was a joke between teachers on the most outragious gifts each year. Half eaten boxes of chocolates, used (and dirty) clothing, dimestore plastic trinkets, lingerie (Victoria secret's kind)....she actually contacted some of the parents occassionally to return what was obviously given to her without permission from the parent.

So I could see how this website got its start. Teachers should never let their students know how they really feel about the usefullness of the gift, just that they were thankful to receive it at all. mom typically got the most gifts of any teacher in the school. She really loved children and her students responded well to that affection. In their neighborhood, they were lucky to get any affection at home.
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Well- I think its horrible that someone would do this

Each year for Christmas my children take their allowances to the dollar store and buy me and their dad each a gift. The gifts aren't always practical- like the plastic dinosaurs my hubby got last year from our son- but it still makes my eyes well up with tears that my children took the time and effort to choose soemthing special, and from the heart for me- useful or not. I never once thought it would be ok to make fun of what they bought, either in front of them or in secret.

ANY gift given with the innocence of a child should be treasured, and the people who made that website should be ashamed of themselves.
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I agree with Melissa - kids do think of these things and they do not think the same way as adults do. I find them ungrateful. It is the thought that counts and kids don't have a lot of money to spend.
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That is awful that someone would build such a site.

I actually like some of the "cheesy gifts"LOL.
Does this make me cheesy??LOL.

Check out those puppies in gallery 5.
Am I the only one who thinks they are cute?
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Ditto to what Melissa said.

Though I would like to say that not all teachers agree with the sentiments of that website. A few friends of mine are teachers. They were shocked at the website.

Some teachers seem to have forgotten that they too, were once children and do not appreciate their pupils as they should.
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I just read their Problem Page.

Sure, I have a sense of humour but what they suggest for some solutions to the problems oversteps the mark.
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Not that my voice will be heard, but I posted in their guestbook. I'm still mad over this
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Good on you Melissa. I think I will say something as well. And they are supposed to be teachers - what ungrateful people!
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Originally posted by Melissa
Not that my voice will be heard, but I posted in their guestbook. I'm still mad over this
Your voice might very well be heard. I came across this site in an article on the BBC website, and both positive and negative comments were published. What disturbs me is that a lot of primary school kids use the Internet, and it's quite possible that some of them will come across this site, for instance if they're trying to come up with a gift for their favorite teacher, and search for "gifts AND teachers". Any kid recognizing his or her own gift and reading the sarcastic/nasty description is going to be terribly hurt.
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jcat, do you have the link to the article?

I've been searching for it but haven't been able to find it yet.

I'm going to post something in that guestbook, I spent last night reading every single entry.

I have noticed one user who uses the pseudonym Tony Blair rather inappropriately and bit of name calling occurs too.

I wouldn't be surprised if some children have already ventured across this site. I can't even believe that teachers suggest alcoholic gifts as being appropriate. I thought students taking alcohol was illegal in the first place. If that wasn't the case I would be removing my child from the school immediately and complaining to the education authorities. (That's if I had any children.)
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Umm..I finally found the link.

BBC News Article - Cheesy Gifts

And I posted in the guestbook. I had to use two entries to type everything that I wanted to say.
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Having always taught in schools in impoverished neighborhoods, I have received many gifts from students that would qualify for placement on that site. I always chose to display them in my classroom instead. (except, maybe for the rotten fruit I got one year) Each time I looked at the name of the giver, it would bring back good thoughts and memories, which was enough of a gift in itself. I still have this little plastic pencil sharpener shaped like a little green apple right on my computer desk, as the student who gave it to me was a favorite (and the sharpener works pretty good too!)

Just one of the downfalls of the net, where people think that any idea flies for a website.

Too bad I didn't "pay better attention in school and get something better than a mediocre degree", as one comment stated. Then I could have received a bunch of cheesy items from co-workers instead.
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LOL Deb! What about cheesy gifts from relatives?
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Actually MA, I am adopting my sister's new gift policy: If I can't think of anything that I know you would really like, you get nothing.
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Originally posted by a_loveless_gem
jcat, do you have the link to the article?

I've been searching for it but haven't been able to find it yet.

I'm going to post something in that guestbook, I spent last night reading every single entry
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"One year, pupils at our school managed to give THREE teachers in the languages department exactly the same gift - a nervous breakdown!"
Lynne A, London

Thanks for sharing the link- it made me laugh
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