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Darn snow

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I hate being snowed in. It started snowing last night and hasn't quit yet.
I have a few kitties upset with me.Hehe.I have 3 outside(one is actually neighbor's,but he stays here all the time)and last night they had to join us inside.Two of them come in a lot anyway,except for my semi-feral.Well,last night I opened the door and got her to actually come in.I shut the door and she wasn't too happy at first,but she soon got over it once she realized how warm it was in here.I made all three of them stay in last night,so they have all 3 wanted back out this morning,but I told them no.LOL.

Only good thing about this snow is I am about to make me some snow cream.Mmmmmm.
I just hope it clears off soon.
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I'll send out *snow melting vibes* your way!! I only shovel snow by my house to allow for my ferals to gain access to their various shelters and food areas. Hey - it's good exercise and the kitties are happy!!
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