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Family Sacrifices Christmas For the Dog

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Anyone who owns a dog would understand this. The Twedt family of North Mankato, Minn., decided to sacrifice their Christmas so they could pay $7,000 for the multiple surgeries their family dog, Josie, needed after she was hit by a pickup truck earlier this month. But when word got out--first in the local newspaper and then nationally--the family was deluged with moral support and financial gifts from pet lovers around the country, reports The Associated Press.

"We're just overwhelmed," Stella Twedt told AP. "The support we've received is incredible. It feels like we've heard from people all over the country. As soon as we hang up the phone, it rings again." The family suspects that the truck intentionally hit Josie, a 4-year-old Australian cattle dog. She suffered a broken back, dislocated hip, and internal injuries. The choice was to put her to sleep or spend the Christmas money to save her. If the family opted for the latter, it meant no presents for Twedt's two young children, and a teenager who lives in Arizona with Twedt's former husband wouldn't get to fly to Minnesota for the holidays. They chose to save the dog.

And now they are overwhelmed by the generous outpouring from strangers across the country. So much has come in that the Mankato Free Press and the Mankato Area Jaycees have set up a fund for the family. Twedt plans to donate some of the money to a fund to help other families who can't afford to treat their injured pets. "We do feel blessed," Twedt told AP, "but we also want to help people get the same support we're receiving."


Now, we need more people in this world like them.
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Good for them!! In their place, I would do the same thing.

I am donating Xmas present money to the shelters this year - my family opted to not exchange gifts in lieu of giving money to our favorite charities.
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I posted a fairly long article about this in the lounge a couple of days ago - I think it is a great story. Rather than re-posting the entire story, I'll just paste a link in case anyone would like to read it. The link is here.
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