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Are You Ready For Christmas?

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I'm finally ready. All my baking is done, all the gifts have been bought and wrapped, and the ones that needed to be mailed have arrived safely at their destination. Now all I have to do is put the last 4 Christmas cards in the mail and buy a fresh can of citrus spray...

Snowball and I are right in the middle of our annual vicious cycle. He has always left the tree alone, but he absolutely refuses to leave the gifts alone and keeps pawing at them. I think he has his claws out when he does this because one of mine now has a hole in the paper. I keep spraying a citrus scent around the gifts, but eventually the scent fades and Snowball goes back to pawing at them, so I spray again.

I was in a hurry when I look this picture late last night, but here's Snowball pawing at one of my son's gifts. And right after that I used up the last of my citrus spray.
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I was in too much of a hurry when I posted that picture...I really didn't want that white area around it.
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My naughty Fifi has carefully been removing all the labels from the presents under the tree so I have to keep remembering to put them back on, else come Christmas Eve I won't know what is for who!!!!

Fifi is the little minx in my avatar, and into absolutely everything!
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hehehehe - go Fifi - ooops was I instigating?? Ahmm, I mean bad Fifi
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Yep im ready and im ready for it to be over too
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NO! My family hasn't started christmas shopping OR we don't have a tree!
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Pretty much. All my long distance packages have been shipped or ordered, and all have arrived, I'm done buying stocking stuffers, our lights are up, and we just got our tree

All that is left is setting up my holiday display on my buffet of Kitty Cucumber Figurines (a set that is a Victorian Christmas)....oh, I love this time of year.

And figuring out what to dole out to the crew on Christmas morning
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i'm pretty much prepared for it.. sent out all my presents and cards... now i'm just sitting down here, waiting for xmas to come and also for my presents to come...heheheh
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Nah, I'm not ready yet. But I have stocked my car with Christmas CDs for my drive back to Dad's house. By the time I get there I'll definately be in the mood.
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I'm ready for it.

Oh and umm I have a caption for that picture...

I'm sure there's catnip under that tree. I can smell it.
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NOooo!!!! I am not nearly ready yet, can I have another month please?

I haven´t bakes as much as I wanted to, haven´t done the ginger bread house I was gonna do, have only bought very few present, and have now clue what to get for those I haven´t got a present for, have only started to decorate my home (did that a long time ago, but the real Christmas decoration flow will be up tomorrow, and we always put up the tree and decorate it on the 23rd.).
After today, I am a lot closer to Christmas, now I have written all my Christmas cards, and sent everything off that goes to other countries, wich has been a real headache.

But I really look forward to the next day, beeing on full speed doing all the Christmassy things.
I guess it would be nice for a change to be ready early and just relax and wait for Christmas...maybe someday...
Actually, since ours Christmas are 13 days, we use the days between Christmas and New Year to relax and enjoy Christmas.

But next year, I would like to be more organize, since I love to make my Christmas cards, and the presents I can make, and it is so much fun, when you have plenty of time to do it, instead of in a stress right before Christmas.
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This year I've been terrible about my shopping & etc. Usually all my shopping is finished by early November & everything is wrapped by Thanksgiving. Not this year! I didn't start shopping until after Thanksgiving & I'm wrapping my presents now. Jeez...I just finished my shopping today. That's so unusual for me!
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Everything is wrapped and ready. I have had to replace several bows and put the tree back together. The citrus spray did no good at all and the vinegar is starting to lose its punch. The next step is to stuff all three cats into Christmas stockings, head first and hang them on hooks!
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Whew! I need a break: the bathroom and kitchen are now VERY clean, the bookshelves are dusted and the washer and dryer have been thumping away, all day. There is a vast amount of empty space, in my refrigerator and the dogs got a rare treat: leftover roast beef.

Mopping and vacuuming are going to wait until later in the week. I'd just have to do it again. Wednesday, I have to go pick up my deli trays and Bill offered to do the mopping. Think I'll let him give the toilet a good scrubbing, instead.
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