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Kitty nibbles

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I've been giving advice on the other threads but I do need some myself. I am not new to being a Mom to cats and have had several with serious problems with their health.

So this one is totally new to me and it is kind of silly buuttt....here it is: She nibbles on me - bites me. Not hard, playful. She is only a kitten maybe 6 months or so. Its driving me nuts because she'll bite my nose when I sleep or my toes. She will bite my leg as she is walking by.

I'm hoping it'll stop as she grows older and I cannot believe this never happened w/my other cats. But here I am totally stumped as to how to handle this.

Any advice?
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My cat Maya Linn does the same thing. Only she does it in the morning when she wants to be fed. It's not hard but what I call "love bites". Sometimes she will get a little rough. The best way to handle it is to say "NO" very forcefully and walk away which will show her . She gets the hint. That's what I do anyway. But she is also over a year old. Your furbaby is only 6 months and it could be a stage that she's going through. If it continues, I'd try that approach.

Good luck.

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You may be looking at 2 possible things. It could be a kitten who is over rambunxious and is treating you like a litter mate.In this case, like Donna said, a firm no and either putting them down or walking away will work after some time. You can also try clapping your hands really loud and saying no at the same time. If the cat is startled by loud noises (most are but not all) it will help. You can also try blowing into her face. If it's possible it also works to have a toy handy to throw for them to get. The feather teasers are also great for this.
The second I would watch for. Some cats will re direct aggression in this form. If there is something bothering them, they will lash out at the first thing they see. I would watch to see if this becomes a serious problem as she gets older. The nibbles will get a little more serious.
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Thanks Donna and Sandie,

I will keep an watch over the strength of the nibbles. They seem to be mostly lite bites, playful. I think it is because she has only been with us a short time, max 3 months...and she came from a shelter so she is probably just enjoying kittenhood.

My husband thinks she might feel I am her "mamma" and is treating me like a cat. She nibbles w/my other cat, who nibbles back at her.

I will try the great suggestions and hopefully it won't grow into more aggression. She is learning good things from my 3 year old kitty, so hopefully it will be a phase.

Thanks again! Dorina
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At least you don't have a toe licker! One of our tom cats is an obsessive compulsive toe licker. LOL
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That would drive me nuts since my feet are very ticklish!
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