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Well, I'll provide you with one. It's about 25 or so years old, but it was the last time I used pot. I was driving home on a road I drove on every single night. Suddenly, I remember knowing that I knew what road I was on, but at the same time I couldn't remember where it led or where I was going. It was quite freaky, and it took me awhile to get my wits about me. Fortunately, I was able to before hitting the hairpin turn that I didn't quite remember was there.

Say what you want about tobacco and alcohol, but marijuana is a drug. It alters your perception of reality. I believe that if lawmakers, governments knew then what they know now, neither tobacco nor alcohol would be legal substances either. It isn't quite so easy to undo a wrong, however. If you believe it is, go do a bit of research on Prohibition. And just because the mistake was made with these 2 substances does not mean others should be legalized as well.
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True, I've never smoked marijuana but I can tell two more stories.

As some of you know, I am completing a degree at university in Chemistry.

In one particular lab session, one student had been smoking marijuana over the weekend. In that lab session, he caused an explosion sending concentrated sulphuric acid fumes throughout the room. I was closest to him, (not by choice but we are allocated a cupboard to use for the semester to see whether we keep the glassware clean), and inhaled the fumes, not to mention being splattered by the contents in the flask.

It was lucky that no glassware broke, nor did anyone suffer any burns. He decided that it was better for him to drop out than to be expelled from the university after that incident. He was still under the influence of marijuana and it imparied his judgement. He even said so himself.

The second story. I'm not sure about the addictiveness of marijuana and there's plenty of debate out there. But what I do know is that I know someone was was addicted to marijuana and needed it to function normally. In addition to this, he needed a whole lot more to reach a satisfactory high.

It took him three months of rehabilitation to be free of marijuana.
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Ok I was a little eccentric when I said I wouldn't post again.
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Well after reading a few of these posts I guess I should tell you all a story.

I am a Retired cops daughter taught from a very young age that drugs can ruin your life. any kind of drug, even alcohal. When I turned 18 was the first time I came in contact with Weed. I was dating this one guy when he took me to meet up with his best friend. upon entering his friends house I was incased in a room full of smoke. He was what is known as a "pothead". The second I realized what it was I looked at my boyfriend at the time and told him I was leaving, turned and walked out. He chased me to my truck and asked me why I was leaving. All I could tell him was that I COULD NOT be around that stuff. As time went on and I got to know his friend away from the pot. I because more at ease with hanging out with him when he was smoking but he knew that the room had to be well ventilated otherwise he would force me to leave. I am to this day still friends with him. He is jobless and lives with my ex boyfriend and still smokes daily. He can not keep a job for more then 6 months. I then dated another man who was also a "pothead". after the first 2 weeks of dating him he quit his job and looked to me for help with money. Being the idiot I am sometimes I dated and supported him for 6 months and was willing to marry him. Until my parents smacked me upside the head by opening my eyes to what my life would have been like. So I moved away from him and never made contact with him again. a few years later and a few more guys inbetween I met my now fiance. He is the biggest "pothead" I have ever seen in my life. He smokes pot like Cigs. the second he opens his eyes to the moment he crawls into bed he is toking on his pipe. Since I started dating him 2 years and 1 day ago he has only had one job and that only lasted 6 months. And it was for 7-11. He has been arrested 2 times for warrents over possesion tickets. And hasn't had a job since January of last year. He isn't allowed to be alone with his own son. He is only allowed to see him with supervision once a month. But due to the fact that his own mother hass custody of him he gets to see him anytime he choses. If there is ever a time that he cannot afford to buy a new sack of pot and he is forced to not get his high he gets very irritable and grumpy. when this happens I choose not to be around him for the pure fact that I am a natural happy person and I don't mix well with grumpy people. I know that when I go with out my Cigs I get VERY grumpy and irritable......a sign of addiction. My whole point to this is that yes Pot is addictive VERY ADDICTIVE, and that in the people I have met who smoke pot are people with no real desire to life a happy life. My fiance has no desire to get custody of his son, has no desire to get a good paying job muchless a job that can help pay the rent. Same with the other 2 men I mentioned. I can also tell you about a friend of mine who ended up in PRISON not just jail but PRISON for 12 years because his need for Pot. He was released into a halfway house just 2 weeks ago and on his first day out got stoned and now he has to finish his whole sentence, He had a chance to get his life on track and get a job and wave 11 years of his 12 year sentence but he couldn't reseist pot. I tried it once and that was last year. I didn't enjoy the feeling it gave me and I don't know how anyone can enjoy it. But everyone has thier own idea of enjoyment. Mine is having control at all moments that I can. I love my fiance and I will stand by and let him smoke till his litte hearts content. Because I think that it is just as bad as Cigs as far as it goes but it's nothing worse. and Alcohal in my eyes is far more worse a drug then pot is. I just wish that pot didn't ruin good people. because it does. I have seen it and I am sure some of you have also. It just depends on what the person is like.

final thought....Pot is addictive and it does ruin lives, but to each their own.
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Yes pot does alter perception of reality- there wouldn't be much point in smoking it if it didn't. This is where a sense of responsibility and knowing your limits comes in. I don't go to work, drive , or attempt intricate tasks when I'm high- thats just using a little common sense.

I've never had a problem keeping a job, nor have any of my friends , some of whom smoke it daily- because of WORK ETHIC. A person can be lazy and irresponsible with, or without being a 'pothead'.

And again- as far as addiction- its not physically addictive, but can definitely be psychologically addictive.
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My ex husband was just like the guy WillowsMom described, and was not a pothead. He was just sorry, lazy, and thought the world owed him a living. I know many people that have smoked daily for years, and are productive citizens with good jobs and families.
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Originally posted by Melissa
And again- as far as addiction- its not physically addictive, but can definitely be psychologically addictive.

Addiction is addiction be it mentally or physically.
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I also know people who smoke pot and have a good home and family life. But like peoples opinions everyone handles these things differently. I was just stating that the majority of "potheads" I know would much rather sit and get stoned then go to work amd support themselves and their family. They get jobs for a few weeks/months and get fed up with working everyday so they quit. I believe that weed is no worse for people then Cigs are but at the same time I have seen first hand what it does to people. My Future Sister in law was like my Fiance smoked like it was cigs. Then one day woke up and was done. Since then she has held down a job for over 2 years has moved her and her 3 boys into a nice house in a decent neighbour hood and can actually afford to put food in her kids mouths. She is currently dating a FBI agent and very happy. Where as before she was a totally different person. living the complete opposite life of what she has now. All because she quit smoking pot.
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