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I had a loud furball for a passenger today

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My gawd I have never heard a cat howl in such distress as this one today.... got a call, it was an elderly gentleman taking his cat to the vet to get his shots... the cat was in a cage mind you.... holy jeepers all the way to the vet, this cat sounded like it was being disemboweled or something!! My cats are a bit vocal on the way to the vet but nothing like this furball was!
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That sounds like my cat. It's really embarrassing in warm weather when I have the car windows down and have to stop at a red light. And the volume increases once we get to the vets' office.
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Oh, poor cat, but I couldn't help bursting out laughing at the description! I know exactly what you mean, I've heard another cat doing the same at a vet's office while we were waiting. Bet it made you want to hug your cats and thank them for not being like that!

Although, I'm sure you'd take a screaming cat over some of your other passengers any day?
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Hah hah!

We have two cats that are exact opposites. Tiki is as quiet as a mouse and docile at the vet. Lexington howls and meows like a maniac. My girlfriend's parent's place is 4 hours away - when we drive up there with the cats, we can have very different experiences with each cat...

What's funny is that - if they're both in the car - Lexington will "sound off" and Tiki will meow in response...they have their own back-and-forth.
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I know what you mean. Zoey sounds like someone is torturing her for gods sakes! What is it with cars that freaks them out so much?? Saki cowers in the corner of the carrier and doesnt make a sound.. poor guy lol.
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Toes loves the car, unless Tailer is riding along because Tailer hates the car and yowls so Toes has to yowl too. GEESH! Moving with them is Hell until they figure out they're okay.

The vet is bad too, but at least it's a short trip.
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i can't drive so i usually take a cab and the two of them would sit quietly in the carrier and once in a while, meow meow would scream cos she is being squeezed by boy boy...
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Socks never shuts up in the car, and it's even worse once we get to the vet. I kid you not, the vet says he is scared of my lovely little purr ball! I think she's got multiple purrsonalities or something...

Sadie is a freak and enjoys car rides.
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Esper's quiet. She used to shake with fear when we first got her. But slowly I decided to take things into my own hands and acclimatise her to the car. Now, she doesn't complain.

Russell, well, I've tried acclimatising him but he still likes to voice his opinion about the whole thing.
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LOL! Guess I got my cats TRAINED VERY WELL then cuz I NEVER HEAR THEM MAKING A SOUND IN THE CAR OR AT THE VET-actually I have never heard them making a sound EVER! Hmmm.. Perhaps I better go get my hearing checked?! (for u guys who don't know me- I'm deaf)

The other day, I took all 4 cats to the vet for their shots and one lady kept looking over at them so I asked her if everything's okay and she said one of the cats was meowing really LOUD. Told her it doesn't bother me. Then asked her if she could tell which cat was meowing/yowling (I suspected it'd be Spike but wanted to see if my guess was right)and she pointed to Spike! Hearing friends have told me that whenever they come visit me at home that Spike will growl and hiss at them if they come too close to me so that's why I suspected it'd be Spike cuz he seems to be more vocal than others.
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Oh poor kitty, and poor you *hugs* .. screaming cats
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Pamela - hilarious
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On a 25 minute journey,Rosie cries for a short while, but then, like a child, nods off!!!

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