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Depressing Question - *Warning*

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I don't mean to bring up sad memories, but I was hoping to see if other owners shared similar experiences when their cat passed away. Please forgive me if this is sensitive teritory that I shouldn't be crossing.

The week before Mentos passed, he was very lethargic, did not eat at all, and continuously tried to hide from us. I was not sure if it was because we were force feeding him, and he was afraid of us, or if cats are naturally aloof when they know their time is near (and I think they know)

The day before he passed away he started urinating on everything, my futon, my bed, and a few other spots.

As he was passing (I didn't expect him to not make it through a weekend, so I didn't have him euthanized in time), his whole body became limp, his pupils were dilated, and he was crying a whole bunch, while all 4 of his legs were kicking in a paddling motion.

It was the most awful sound I have ever heard, and I wish to never hear it again. I know he was in tremendous agony, I am glad it did not last for very long.

I will forever be curious as to what eventually killed him. I know the cancer could cause several lethal symptoms....

If any of you could enlighten me... it will help me get a little bit more closure. Thanks
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I am afraid that the only way to know what ultimately did him in, would have been to put him in deep freeze immediately until you could get his body to the vet for a necropsy. It could have been anything, the stress of the illness could have stopped his heart, his internal organs could have been failing- it really is only a guess, which is why the true answer would have been in the necropsy. I have had two cats pass before I could get them to the vet. One died peacefully while sleeping on my chest, and the other suffered the same fate as what you have described above. I swore that next time, I would get the cat the peace he so deserved and take him to the vet and have him peacefully taken from me. Like you, I never want to hear that sound of such agony again.

I am sorry for your loss, and for your unanswered question. I hope you will find closure soon regardless.
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