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Have your cats ever seriously hurt each other while playing?

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I'm just curious. Zoey and Saki can get pretty rough sometimes, and it makes me nervous. They'll run into walls, fall off of beds and window sills Then they nibble at each other when they're wrestling.. I dont think either has broken any skin yet but jeez sometimes they really go at it!!

What's the worst that has happened to your cats while they play/fight?
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This morning I noticed a scratch on GoGo's muzzle and nose... it is about an inch long. I wish I knew which one of my cats whacked my big boy in the face That is such a sensitive area, too. Poor baby
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Mine have never seriously hurt each other, aside from a few scratches, but Mommy had to learn the hard way not to try to interfere with them when they're playing or when Babycakes (alpha cat) was trying to teach them who was boss ! Hurt me a heck of a lot more than she did Kitty !
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Mine wrestle all the time, fall down stairs when they chase each other, run into walls when they can't stop their slide/skid- but no one has seriously hurt each other.
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Oh my god I cant imagine if I had stairs
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We'll see nose scratches or a closed eye now and then, but never anything real serious.
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Simba and Shane play alot. After a while Shane gets mad at Simba when he gets tired of playing, and he growls really loud at him, and holds him down by the neck, which really freaks me out, because Shane is a huge cat, about 25 lb's. Yet, Simba has never been hurt at all, and as soon as Shane lets him up, or as soon as I force Shane to let him, Simba is right back after Shane. No fear, no pain, and no gain.
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ROTFL! We have hardwood floors and when our cats get into "high speed" chases, they slide, skid, surf and slam into walls and doors and for some reason, they seem to like it. I guess to them, it's a fun game. Some days it sounds like they are tearing the house apart. I can't imagine what they would do if we had stairs... GoGo would probably take the stair rail out in one slam, LOL!!

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I could just imagine this ball of grey tumbling down the stairs (if I had them) lol.
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My cats used to fight a lot. (I had to give them to another person cause I discovered I was allergic-I'm still pretty heart broken..) It did concern me too, they are brother and sister and the brother was VERY dominant. At first I just thought it was play but then he was really getting rough. He would bite her ears first and then her legs, she would cry and hiss sometimes. The crying got pretty intense, and I would intervene then. But I wasn't home all the time, so I am sure they play got rough when they were alone. I often wondered if the sister would be less shy if she didn't live with him. She is a very shy and quiet cat. I did try to separate them a bit here and there but she would figure out where he was and just sit and wait for him, she does adore him! he on the other hand didn't seem to care if they were separated. he would play normally. In their new home there is a third cat and ina way I think that's good. I think it might keep the boy from being so dominating? Not sure though. He has a wonderful personality, dont' get me wrong. But the play did get rough.

But i totally understand your concern. I ordered some "bully formula" of the flower essences, but it arrived after they left. I suspect that as they age they calm down though. But it can be worrisome.
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Originally posted by kimward34
ROTFL! We have hardwood floors and when our cats get into "high speed" chases, they slide, skid, surf and slam into walls and doors and for some reason, they seem to like it. I guess to them, it's a fun game. Some days it sounds like they are tearing the house apart. I can't imagine what they would do if we had stairs...
Hey, that sounds exactly like our house too!! And we have stairs, so the buffalo stampede at night is quite something.

My boys play very rough, and have been playing rough with Pixie too. Kayla will have none of it, but will have a dignified game with Pixie. Mozart has hurt Ginza once, he got an abscess from a scratch/bite. That was when they were younger, but Mozart learned to 'pull his punches'. We hope.
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Once when they were young they wrestled pretty hard and Sylvestra ended up with an abscess.

The second one was scary. I used to have an apartment with wood floors, and French doors leading into the bedroom. I usually left them open b/c the window unit A/C was in the living room, and it got pretty hot. One day I closed the French doors. That evening, Mr. and Sylvestra came chasing through the apartment at top speed, and Sylvestra crashed through one of the panes of glass in the door, not expecting it to be closed. She needed stitches above her eye - thank goodness it didn't cut her eye!

I never closed those doors again.

My neighbors downstairs probably thought I had a herd of miniature horses up there, from the way my cats would go galloping and sliding around on those wood floors!

Forgot about the time I came home & found that Mr. had chipped a fang somehow.

And the time he fell of the mantle and sprained his leg.
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Thankfully Patches and Tiger never got into any fights with injuries.... But one time they were having a slap fight with their paws on top of one of the kitchen cabinets!
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Oh man how scary Tess!!!

Zoey will meow and growl and hiss sometimes when she's had enough. That's when I get mad at Saki Its like HELLO dude.. she's had enough leave her alone!! But... then like 5 min later she's chasing him lol

I think Zoey's swollen lymph node was probably the result of a Saki bite somewhere in the area a couple months ago.

And actually.. it never went away completely.. I can still feel it a little bit
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This thread I can relate to!
QT (while living with my sister) was involved in a dominance struggle, ended up falling from the roof, and breaking her back left leg.
When Skinny was fairly new, she and Joji would fight constantly. Both ended with bloody noses, scratched (but thankfully not torn) ears and necks with punctures from bites.
My problem now is keeping my 3 cats from picking on ferals that once in a while make the mistake of walking inside the property.Phew! I have 3 bullies for cats!
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Toes and Tailer used to scare me to death, but I'm used to it now. I only get involved if it really sounds like a cat fight (you know, glass of water thrown into the fray) and that's only happened once because Toes tried to mate with Tailer (he was a mile away from her but she just about killed him for trying it).
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Peaches and Henrietta go at it sometimes but the worse I've seen is a little tiny scratch on Henrietta's chin. It was just like a little pin prick so it must have been one of Peaches teeth. But when they fight the fur really literally flies!
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The worst that I've had is a scratched cornea on Bogart one time (he was about 3 years old at the time). The vet had to cut away the flap of skin from his eyeball and we had meds for his eye for a while. He heeled just fine.

The worst scare that I've had is when one of them leaped on top of the railing at the top of the stairs, then proceeded to fall down (about 14 feet) to the first floor. He (Eight-ball) hit hard, stood up, shook his head and walked off.

With all these (former feral) cats, we have never had a knock-down fight, and they have never (knock on wood) drawn blood from each other.
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Opie and Buddy get into some screaming tussles. I find big tufts of Buddy's fur around the house. Today, Bill said that Opie looked as though he had a moustache - a big chunk of Buddy was sticking out of both sides of Opie's mouth. Nobody seems to be any the worse for wear, though.

Rowdy had a big tuft of Buddy fur, stuck to her neck, this morning. Buddy has such a thick, long coat, that he doesn't seem to miss what he loses. He sheds plenty, naturally.
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My two think kitty wrestling should be in the olympics and try to convince me of this now and then.

And with stairs and wooden floors, it sounds like some serious renovation work is being done. LOL!
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Ok after reading this thread I have come to the conclusion that my cats are not the only crazy and insane cats like I thought! LOL!

I've never had more than one cat .. I must say it can be very entertaining.
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Stairs. Yes. We have stairs. A split staircase, with a landing at the front door, seven stairs up to the main floor and seven down to the basement. It's a totally splendiferous jungle-jim -- especially if your name is Fawn. Awesome ground for practicing one's flying leaps. Not to mention that a human walking peacefully downstairs is quite likely, having turned the corner at the door, to feel a bat on the arm about halfway down the lower flight of stairs, and look up to see the little lady hanging recklessly backward off the second or third stair on the upper flight, with an "ain't I CUTE?????" all over her face. Gives me the willies. I think she knows this.
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Once in a while, we'll find a bit of fur in someone's mouth thatn doesn't belong to him (or her).

We've found shed claw sheaths stuck in foreheads. I know there's a story behind that...

Other than that, the worst we've seen are the occasional scratch on the nose. They seem to be good at figuring out just how much they can get away with, without inflicting injury upon one another.

Ah, yes, and the stairs. I can relate to all your stair stories. Sometimes it sounds as if the Kentucky Derby is being run in the attic, and it spills over down the staircase and into the living room.
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In addition to playing/fighting with the other cats, Rowdy wrestles with the dogs. They chew on her and Rowdy nips and swats them. None of them has ever had a mark on 'em nor have I ever heard a sound of pain or distress.
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Mine never hurt each other, but I always feel bad for Joey's pride when Squirt grabs him on the back of the neck and does the pseudo mating thing.
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Not a story about cats but between cats and dogs. We had 2 greyhounds. Doug was very sweet with the cats, however, he was a poster child for the phrase "let sleeping dogs lie". When we first got him, if ANYONE (people, dogs or cats) woke him up, he would snap at them (he had lived his first 22 months in a greyhound racing kennel environment with a hundred other dogs). He outgrew this within about 6 months (once he trusted us entirely), but in the interim, it was tense.

The cats quickly learned that when Doug was sleeping in the middle of the room (and he took up a lot of space), that they were to pass him by on the non-dangerous end (his rump). It was funny - they would walk into a room, see him sleeping, and redirect their path around him in a big arc.

My big scare was when Bogart was playing and bumped him when he was asleep. Doug lunged, actually got Bogart entirely in his mouth, woke up enough to realize what he was doing and dropped him (then licked him as it to say he was sorry).

Here are their relative sizes when the incident happened. Bogart was probably 3 months old and Doug was close to 2 years old (he grew larger after this pic).
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Newman is always trying to show Cosmo who is king of the house, they have a wrestling match every morning, Biting each others, how should I say this, there little walnuts. till one crys out. then they groom each other. And retire on my bed ,cuddled up for there afternoon nap.
I saw a program on cats, if you have 2 or more, there will always be one who is showing he is the domineering one of the roost.
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Momofmany that is a beautiful dog

I guess Angel is sensitive , when she get a bite sometimes she is missing fur there and a little wound too . But really besite chassing each other and loosing some fur and few scratches sometimes . Thats it .
But it is funny to watch them run through the house and then they run through the walk way in the cat enclosure . It really sounds like there is a herd of Horses running through the walk way , due to the wood there
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