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Anyone give their cats acidiphilus?

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My vet tech friend said that this is the most important supplement that you can give your cat. It replenishes very important bacteria in their intestines. It is especially good if you have a cat that has loose stools or barfs often.

I haven't starting giving it yet, I was just wondering if anyone else is doing so?

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I take it, but I have never giving it to the cats.
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I haven't used this, but my vet has recommended giving the cats yogurt for this purpose. My kitten was vomiting as a side-effect to an antibiotic she was taking (for a slightly infected spay incision), and he suggested we try this. I haven't done it yet, as I don't have any plain yogurt in the house and I don't feel comfortable giving them a fruit flavor. Maybe I'll get some and give them a little bit every few days? he didn't say how much to give and how often, and I forgot to ask.
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Yeah...PetSmart sells a version for cats and it gives the recommended amount on it. I think I am going to pick it up today!
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I am also a proponent if you are going to feed anything to your cat beyond the normal food and treats that you check with the vet first. Sometimes, helpful information from friends, turns out to bite you hard in the end. Each cat is different and the needs are different as well. Supplements etc, should at least have a vet's knowledge behind it.
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I feed it to my cat daily. My vet had me use that and Prozyme when she was very sick as a kitten with loose stools. My other cat was recently given a dewormer and had a bad reaction to it and had loose stools. I started her on it and within 24 hours she was back to normal. The kind I got from my vet is Jaro-Dophilus. Its in a powder form so its easy to give. It says to try to give away from food but I put it in her food (canned) and it worked great. If you can find it online, I'm sure it's cheaper than the vet. But it works great.
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