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Recent photo of MooShoo

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Here's MooShoo doing what he does best, hanging!
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MooShoo looks like a real sweetheart, Donna. I am looking forward to seeing him in person.
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Donna - I can't decide which option I want to vote for! I love the pic, especially his eyes, which are kind of alien-like. But I'm sure that's just the flash. He's not ugly, just furless! I guess I'll have to go with adorable. He definitely gave me a good chuckle though!
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Donna; I love that pose with his paws crossed and his triangular hips!!!! I am so anxious to know how he does at this weekend's show! (oh, I voted for ADORABLE!!! of course)
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Thank you! I've been told that he's either so ugly he's cute or just plain UGLY. Alot of people remark about his ears and how I must get great TV reception. Why do you think I have him on top of my cable box. So much for "Rabbit" ears. That's my boy!!!


I'm looking forward to meeting Ferris too. It should be a great weekend.


He was trying to catch something that was being shown on tv and happened to look up when I caught him. The only problem is everytime he moved, he'd change the channel. Very annoying when you're trying to watch something.:tounge2:

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Donna, mooshoo looks very sweet. I voted for adorable, because that's what he is!
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woww, i have never seen such long legs in a cat
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I think Moo Shoo is adorable! How could he be otherwise, given the fact he's a cat?


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Mr. Cat,

I couldn't agree more!

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I agree.He is a cat so how could he be anything but adorable.
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Ok Im goning be a bit different here - but don't flame me!! I voted for "so ugly he's cute" cos hes gorgeous! - I would've voted adorable aswell if I could have!! I love "unusual" looking cats, I think he's stunning!! (nice legs too......:laughing: )

Really, I him!!
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he's a sweetie Donna!
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No flaming here. I also think he's so ugly he's cute. His personality is awesome!

Thanks AP.
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Donna - I have a question for you. Do you know if people have less allergic reactions to Sphynx cats than to regular cats? Do they have as much dander as cats with fur? Just curious since my mother is so extremely allergic.
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Donna, he's so cute and such a pleasure to judge. He's great when I'm cold as he keeps me warm. Anyway, wish I was there to judge him this weekend but I do know he'll do great. Good luck.

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Thanks. He does keep you warm at night. I've also noticed lately he's been very clingy and wants to be held alot. Believe, I don't mind. His purr is like a motor boat.

We'll miss you this weekend. I will be going to the September show so I look forward to seeing you there.

Dawn, from what I've read, it is the cat's saliva that people are allergic to. There's a misconception that it's the fur that people are allergic to. But as you know, cats are very clean animals and are constantly grooming themselves by licking their fur. There's where the misconception comes in. So, people can be allergic to the Sphynx. Maybe not as much. Go into yahoo and search for Sphynx cats. Some of the breeders will have facts on allergies.

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Donna....I also voted for "So Ugly It's Cute"!!!!!!!!
I have a dog like that, he was dumped out where I work, when he was only about 6 months old (that's the age the vet guessed him at when I took him in immediately for shots).......
Everyone says he is ugly.....but you have to be a true animal lover, like me, to see the beauty in him. He means the world to me!!!! I named him Scruffy, and to me, he is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! He is some sort of terrior mix, and when I make the hair on his head stand up, he looks even funnier!! :laughing: But he is my baby, and I LOVE him!!! Your MooShoo is cute in my opinion!!!!!
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Donna, I voted for the first choice which was adorable, because beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So it shouldn't matter to people whether or not Moo shoo is cute or ugly just that you take good care of her/ him.
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