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Why does my cat miss me so?

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My name is Jon, and I'm new to this site. My cat, Shanny the Easily Amused, is a 2yr old half not spayed siameese female, and despite her genetics is quite possibly the most mellow cat I've ever met.

She is very afectionate towards me, and almost all of her behavior towards me is like she regards me as another cat. She grooms my goatee and hair, and she plays with me like another cat. After a very cold snap when the heat went out, she got in the habit of sleeping under the blankets in bed with me. Now, she gets anxious when I'm not home arround our bed time. If I'm not home by 4 am at the latest, she starts waking up my roomates and searching the house for me. She will continue this behaviour untill I get home.

At this point I'd like input on why it is she gets so aggitated and starts searching for me.

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I think this is just the character of siamese cats. In my experience, they are very social and are creatures of habit. My cat "meows" (aka howls) and regularly wanders the house until she finds us or hears us. This occurs especially at night and she will continue to meow until someone lets her into their room. When we come home she is always running down the stairs to greet us at the door. She'll talk back to us if we meow back at her. And she sleeps in our bed like a human, under the covers with her head sticking out. By far, she is the most characteristic cat I know. I think she is almost human.

I can't explain they do this but at least you know another siamese behaves similarly.

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I've also heard that Siamese can be very vocal and have quite a character. I don't think it's related but why not have her spayed? I bet she gets very vocal when she's in heat and spaying is really the best thing you can do for her health wise.
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