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what's your secret santa name?

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mines: Scrummy Floppy-Tinsel
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um.. Fuzzy Horny-Stockings Maybe I should have shaved?
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Frosty Horny-Tummy

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Scummy poodle cheeks
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Trumpy Fluffy-Noodles
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Squelchy Snotty-Gnome

I don't think I wanted to know that
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Cuddly Holly-Noodles
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Smiley Fluffy-Knome lol
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mine is Cuddly Bunny-Bum
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Scrummy Scrooge-Cracker (Using my English name)
Fuzzy Scrooge-Cracker (Using my Chinese name)

Well I suppose it's what I deserve since I never did believe in Santa.
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Wriggly Bunny-Tummy

Haha.... I did this five minutes ago with my friend, I think mines pretty funny!
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Lovable Bunny-Elf
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Cuddly Berry-Elf

what a name
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Podgy Chilly-Baubles
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Cuddly Brandy butter-Cheeks

I wonder WHICH cheeks, this refers to?
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kissable Horny-Stockings
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Sneezy Scrooge-Toes
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Cuddly Horny-Gnome
hee, hee, hee

Hubby is: Cuddly Fluffy-Noodles
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Giggley Hot-Goose

I guess it's not a secret anymore!
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I'm Cuddly Chocolate-Toes!
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hubbys is: Sneezy Floppy-Tinsel
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Ooooooooooo I like Christy's!

My daughter Rachel is Lovable Chilly-Cracker.

Daughter Emily is Cutie Chilly-Cracker

Hubby's is Lovable Bunny-Bonbons
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Mine is Trumpy Holly-Cheeks
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Wriggly Fluffy-Stockings
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Bouncey Scrooge-Cheeks

Mike is Scrummy Poodle-Toes

My son is Fuzzy Poodle-Toes
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I'm Scrummy Chilly-Gnome
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Lucky Twinkle-Cracker
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Horny-Elf - LOL!
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Tumbleflump Holly-Bonbons. Now what does that mean?
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