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Deb25 - How's school going?

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How's the new school year going? Are the kiddos behaving?

Things are quiet here without you around. Just wanted to let you know you're missed...
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It's as quiet as hell. The kids don't start until next week. So far I have mostly sat through meetings, inservice trainings, and various other b.s. In my spare time, I am readying my room for this year, which is a mammoth task. The idiot who previously did the job I'm going to do has the entire room jammed to the rafters with books that should really be out in the classrooms for the teachers to use.

He was so concerned about a single page getting dog-eared that he kept everything locked up in his little fortress, and I simply refer to him as the "Book Nazi", not to be confused with the "Copy Nazi", a paraprofessional who counts every single Xerox copy you make and reports in if she thinks your paper usage is excessive or unnecessary.

This is truly a great profession, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to be overstressed, underpaid, and worked into an early grave.
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Sounds like you're having a great time. :laughing2 For some reason, I thought the kids were coming back this week. There are a few districts in our area that went back Monday, the rest go a week from this coming Monday.

Maybe once my kids are in school, I'll go back to college and get my degree in elementary education and be a teacher. NOT! I can't even handle the two I have. Don't know how you teachers do it!
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So Deb25,

Did you get the PM that AP sent you? I hope school is going well. Are you the teacher's pet yet???

I don't know how you do it. I know I don't have the patience. I give teachers alot of credit. I'd end of killing ALL of them by the end of the week.

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So, Donna,

Yes, I did get that PM. Consider it entered in the hall of fame. It's insightful pearls of wisdom like your words that keep me from killing kids at the end of each week.
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