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Going into "heat"

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What is the normal age that a cat will go into heat for the first time?
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Depends on the cat, I have had them go into heat at 5 months, but more commonly 6 months. You want to have them spayed before they hit the heat cycle though.
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sigh That was the goal for my Penny, but one weekend... I saw and heard the signs and thought darn ... my window of opportunity for spaying before Heat #1 slammed shut on me ... But at least Penny won't have to experience a Heat #2 or 3 or 4

What can I expect after the surgery? I've only had family cats.. Penny is the first that's "mine"

Thank you
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Well, the vet will be the first to tell you how to care for Penny. There will be medication to be given and of course, you must keep her in a place where she won't suddenly tear the stitches. My girls acted normal 24 hours after surgery but I kept them in a room two days more (with litterbox, toys, water and food) just to be sure. Then it was back to the vet for final checkup when the course of medication (about 7 days) was done.
My last spay was years ago and this is all I can remember. The others here may want to add or give better advice! Good luck!
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So, you're getting kitty spayed...

Well, after the surgery she'll have a shaved area and stitches. She will hurt after the surgery and it is up to you whether you want to discuss pain management with your vet.

It depends on the individual cat as to how long they take to recover from the aneasthetic but usually after 24 hours, they're not as fuzzy headed and are fully active again. She will lick the area. It's important to check that she doesn't lick too often or start to pull out the stitches..

And with food, it again depends on how the individual cat is feeling and is with recovering. Offer a small meal. With mine, I offered only dry food and then re-introduced wet food in the days after. This is because I didn't want my kitties to get an upset stomach with a sudden intake of rich nutrients after a period of fasting and result in diarrhoea.

You vet will advise you to keep her indoors, (especially if she is an indoor/outdoor kiity), until she recovers. And also to discourage her from jumping and leaping to prevent her stitches from being pulled and prevent tearing as well. If there are other cats, keep them separated for the first 24 hours as the spayed cat will be smelling foreign and very much like the vet's office.

Your kitty may want to cuddle with you for comfort. If this is the case, get down to her level and let her decide how she wants to sit. That way you don't handle her and accitdentally hurt her. Though it is a good idea to get your vet to show you how to handle your kitty after surgery in the event that you need to. And if you do choose painkillers, get the vet to show you how to medicate her safely without endangering her or yourself.
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The youngest cat I have seen in heat was 4 mos old! Usually 6 to 9 months.
Lots of great advice from loveless gem on after care! A drop of the same perfume on the cat coming home as well as the home cats can help with the scent problem. A drop of vanilla works too
Deb E
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Thank you. It's now 54 hours post-surgery and I am feeling so emotional over the whole thing. Now Penny will never be a Mommy (natural Mommy)

She did eat a small amount of dry food and laps of water

The look on her face is one of sadness...........

Argghh .. I want everything back to perfect like before
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Oh but it is perfect. She is not sad, just a bit shocky from the experience. Now she will not contribute to the cat population, she will not have to endure the discomfort of going into heat and you will not have tomcats yowling at your window for her to come out and play. Thank you for doing the responsible thing-
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Thank you Hissy. I will try to remember your words--- however--- I must admit that I shed a few tears because Penny would have been a great mommy. she is a loving and good cat
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Penny isn't sad. She's still recovering from the operation. It's okay to feel how you feel. I felt a twinge of sadness knowing that my female cat Esper would never have a litter of her own. She too is loving and adorable.

But in my own heart, I knew that I wasn't interested in breeding. There are too many kittens already in the world without loving homes. I don't want to add to that, nor do I want to reduce the chance of a homeless kitten from being adopted from a shelter.

Things will be back to normal soon. And by the time the fur grows back, you wouldn't be able to guess that she even went in for the surgery.
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Thank you Mags. Very wise stuff and I'm grateful. Penny's apetite is nearly back to full swing
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I understand how you feel. I think the Trips would have been wonderful momcats but the realistic part of having litters, is there are to many in the world. I also thought Cyclone would have been a great dad-imagine the color combos that would have resulted. But all have been spayed and neutered-
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That's great to hear that Penny's appetite has picked up.
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