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2 of my babies are missing!

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Two of my cats go outside when I leave for work in the morning, and by 5 PM (dinner time) they ALWAYS show up for dinner (hubby lets them in). Once Max, didn't come back until 5:45 PM. Dark is around 5 now, it is in the 20's outside and it is now 7 PM - neither of them have showed up!

I've been around the neighborhood 3 times since I got home at 5:30, the only cat I found was the neighbors, and she wanted to "help" me search and followed me (on the sidewalk) around. I tried bribing her into going to search for my two, but she wasn't buying into it.

I am so worried!
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Oh I hope your kitties find their way home soon!

Mommy is worried, kitties!!! you need to go home!!
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I hope they come back soon!!
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It is now about 10:30 PM, no sign of them. I am bawling my eyes out. Please let me babies come home safe.
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Oh dear! Max and Dark, come back right now! (sending go home vibes to your cats) Please Talon,keep us posted!!
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Oh No! I hope you find them soon! I know what it's like to loose a cat for awhile!

Tonnes of good luck vibes coming your way!
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Oh no! I know if you check Tamme's thread about Tigger there are some great tips on how to find them.... good luck!!
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Please come home kitties!!!!
((((((((((HUGS to you))))))))))))
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Talon, I'm sorry that your kitties are missing.

I've provided a link for you to a site that has adivce as to what to do that can help your kitties find their way home.

Tips For Finding Your Own Lost Cat - Zimmer Foundation For the Love of Cats
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Sorry, my post was rambling. It is Max and Salem, not Dark. Thank you for the well wishes, I can use them all. I plan to go out into the neighborhood about midnight looking for them, paying special attention to garages and sheds. (This I learned on this site)

And take my ID with me in case a police officer or two wants to have a chat with the crazy cat lady running around at midnight looking for her two black cats. (I have to find humor in what I can!)

They have our warm garage to go into (hubby swears he left it open as usuall) It just seems very very odd, that both go missing at the same time.

I am logging into work, giving instructions to the staff - especially they temp I have starting work tomorrow. But kitties come first. *cough* *Cough* :goodbad: I do feel that dang flue coming on. That will leave me free to be ready to knock on the door of one of the local animal shelters, and meanwhile have driving directions to the next closest. I will have flyers printed out and ready to distribute. Unfornately I do not have recent pictures of them. Santa (if he knows what is good for him) will get me a digital camera to replace the one he broke last year.
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THEY CAME BACK!!! Thank you for being there with me. Time for me to go night-night with my living electric blanket.
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YAY!!! I'm so glad they came home!!!!
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Oh, Hallelujah! I'm so glad they turned up.
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That's fantastic news!
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I'm so glad they both came home!
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Oh thank god - that is exactly the reason I could not have indoor/outdoor babies. I could not go through this every night - I would wind up in the psych ward!!!!

I am just so happy your kitties are home safe!!
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I agree, I am not strong enough tohave indoor/outdoor kitties. They would have to put me in the rubber room if Ilost my furbabies. I am so glad they made it back, what a huge relief that must be for you.
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Yep, right now the two of them are grounded indefinately! From what I can figure they went into a neighbors garage and got shut in. Last night when I went on my search of the neighboorhood at night, I no sonner stepped out the door when I heard the telltale "jingle" of one of my cats, I yelled "Salem!" (Much to my neighbors dismay I am sure), gave her some hugs, and asked her where Max was - then I heard the second "jingle" and he comes a-running. I look down the street and one of the neighbors had just pulled into is driveway and opened the garage door.
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If you don't trust your neighbourhood, I strongly advise you to keep them fully indoors.
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Terrific! That must have been a really worrying experience. I wonder what they got up to?
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