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Post pics of your nosy kitties

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Here is Loki making sure the junk drawer is in order
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awww what a cutie pie!
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I know I have shared these before but they still crack me up-

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Here's Saki getting into the laundry

Into the coke

Into the fridge

And into my fiancee's paint
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Does Saki ever climb into the Freezer - Loki does! A couple of time I almost closed the door on him not thinking he would be up there.
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LarryJerry and Bo
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Hell, no.. he doesnt, he cant reach the freezer thank god!!

House of cats that first one cracked me up
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Mmmm, if the Iguana eats it, it must be good:
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I think I shall carry some away to try later:
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OMG they are so funny

Catfur your last 2 pics ROTFLMAO this is to good
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What a great thread, those photos are so great!
I have some photos that would fit here, I´ll just have to get someone to scan them for me...
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Sicy, Master Saki never ceases to amaze me He is getting bigger to me every day.... Want to see more pics of him and Miss Zoey thought. Cute pics everyone!!
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An oldie, but still a goodie

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My classic shot of Scarlett in the dryer, "helping" me fold clothes.
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Not quick with camera but got this
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Tah dah!
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LOL! The cat is looking up at the camera like "WHAT????"
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This is silly Muffin looking for clothes. Anyone wondering about the dresser, it's my boyfriend's, don't ask
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I got this last night, Jordan is "Helping" me work on my newest craft.
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Great pics, everyone! What a crack-up bunch of sillies

I didn't think I had any, and yet have to catch any yawn pics but I found this!

Ginza and Kayla helping me, I don't remember doing what on that ladder, but I DO remember they tried to kill me, I almost fell off!

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