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Two babies gone

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Well, two of Muffy's babies went to their new home today. They're one day shy of 8 weeks, but the kittens were going to such a wonderful home that I let them go. The lady that is going to have them took tomorrow off of work so they'd have a long weekend together before she had to leave them alone. Plus, I felt better about it because they're going to be together. She took the kittens I called Greyfoot and Muffy Clone.

Tomorrow little Blackie and White Face Girl are also leaving. Blackie is going to my best friend's sister in law so I'll be able to keep tabs on her. Plus, I know what animal lovers they are and how well they treat their pets. Little White Face Girl is going to the guy that fixed my air conditioner way back when the kittens were first born. He's a great guy and a strong Christian, so I'm happy about that home too.

So by tomorrow night my house will be down to the two permanent cats, Muffy and Puffy.

Although an accident, this has been a fun experience, but it's one that I'll never repeat. Muffy goes in for her spay in 2 weeks. What a relief that will be.
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Dawn, I know what you mean by a wonderful experience. Once we took in a stray cat who had just had a litter of kittens. In fact it was 3 years ago, yesterday that the kittens were born, and we took them in on that day. Since we had been feeding and fussing over the mother cat for the month before she had the babies, she was familiar with us, and trusted us with the kittens from day 1. She was an especially wonderful mom, and all of her babies were very people oriented and loving. We were able to find not just good homes, but spoiled rotten homes for 3 of the kittens and their mother, Miss Kitty.The fourth kitten we kept and named Bear, because when he was first born he looked just like a little black bear. We called them the litter the campground raised, because (this happened at our camp) the whole neighborhood helped take care of them. We would come home from work and find bags and cans of cat food and bags of kitty litter on our deck. One man even gave the money to have Miss Kitty spayed. It was truely a community effort. Some of them even came over to visit when we were at work so the kittens would be friendly with all people
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Dawn91 - I am so glad for you and the fur children that they all have gotten good homes. Does mom seem to miss the two that are gone already? Your house will seem too quiet for you I am sure.
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Yes, it's sad when kittens pack their little bags and leave home! But they're going to wonderful "forever" homes, so it's a good kind of sad.


I know what you mean about surprises! When I brought Sesheta Gray home from the animal shelter four years ago, I thought I was getting one cat. Lo and behold, she begins looking around in that earnest way feline mothers do when expecting! Oh, boy. I must have telephoned the after-hours veterinary clinic half a dozen times, as I'd not been a foster-father before!

Sesheta gave birth to Michaela Kristin, who remains with me today. Just one baby! But at least Michaela has Tonya Robin for feline company, though they're not snuggle buddies anymore. Oh, well.

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Dawn it is a sad and happy time all at once. I am glad your babies have gone to such good homes where they will be loved and cherished as much as you did.
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