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What kind of Christmas tree are you getting?

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We've always gotten live trees in a pot and used them for a few years, then planted them when they got too big. Unfortunately, our last two potted trees died rather quickly. One lasted two years, and last year's died in the summer. My husband has been looking for a new one, but hasn't found anything decent, so I went out today and did the unimaginable - I bought an artificial tree. Somehow I don't think it will be quite the same.
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With 18 cats, we can't really manage a tree here. Wish we could, we miss having one. But I don't think it would last five minutes!
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We got our tree last Friday. It's a real one. I've had artificial in the past, and they're nice, but the real ones are prettier, IMO.

My s/o was hinting around to not having a tree, so I told him in no uncertain terms that I never had a Christmas without a tree and wasn't about to start. I made sure we went to the garden center, and I picked the tree. As we were leaving, he pointed to a tiny tree about 3 feet high, and said, I was thinking something like that. I just glared at him and went to pay for our nice, 6 foot tree. Men!
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Originally posted by Mom of 10 Cats
With 18 cats, we can't really manage a tree here. Wish we could, we miss having one. But I don't think it would last five minutes!
That's understandable! I doubt the artificial one I just bought is going to last past Christmas, and that's with just one cat. I spend the days between Christmas Eve and January 2 hunting around the house for the Christmas tree ornaments Jamie so sweetly takes off the tree and hides - that's his holiday season hobby. I have all wooden ones, no tinsel, etc.. Cats and trees don't quite mix.
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14 cats = no tree

When we bought trees, we bought one in a pot and planted it outside. Some of those trees are really big now.
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With 19 cats I cant have a tree , the last tree was about 3 years ago fake one and last not even a day . So no more tree for christmas . But if I had a tree it would be a fake for sure . I hate that a tree just being cut for my selfishness only to look at it for a few weeks .If I get a real one , it would be one I can plant outsite and only then I would get a real one .
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In the past I've had an artificial tree, but this year I have none for 2 reasons. 1. The boys (espcialy Jordan) can be very sassy this is thier first Christmas & I'm afraid it wouldn't be long before it was on the ground. 2. The spot I used to put the tree now has a cat tower in it's place.
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It's not the cats we have to worry about. 6 dogs! 2 male=leg lifting Not to mention presents (or ribbon) becoming chew toys.

Haven't had a Christmas tree since we moved here 4 yrs. ago, but we plan to one day, when we can take all the necessary precautions. In the meantime, we have plenty of pine and fir outside to enjoy. (We might even cut a tree from our property, when we are able to have one.) But, we always put lights up outside.
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We bought a frazier fur because the limbs are SO sturdy for my giant ornaments and ornery cats... LOL!!
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I grew up with a fake tree every year, you know one of those Sears jobs that looked like big ol' bottle brushes, so when I was finally on my on, I decided to never have a fake tree again.

Living on the west coast, my preference was alsways Noble Furs, so for the first 2 Christmases here in CT, we were stuck with the native variety, which are nice, but they don't have the openness of a Noble.
We finally found a tree farm (right down the street) that has a small patch of Nobles, so every year, my daughter and I go look through the trees, she picks out the "keeper", with a little guidence from dad, and it's cut and baled and in the truck for about 40$ for a 7 footer.
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I alway have real tree, and grew up with alway a real three. In fact I dont even know anybody that has a fake tree, allthoug I know people have those as well. When I was growing up my Granny had a fake tree, and it was bought in thouse times when a fake tree was a FAKE tree, and when I was very young I thougth fake trees were only for old people that couldnt be bothered to make "real" Christmas Actually, at that time, I think only old people had those ugly trees, but now they are so very beautyful and real. Still, I have to have a real tree myself, not a tree that looks real.
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I'm sticking by my 6-ft artificial. Less mess and no fire hazard.

The attraction of the tree seems to have worn off of the cats. They are now pulling bows off of the presents. I am also finding some of the smaller ones, halfway under the couch. The gift bags, topped with tissue paper would be WAY too tampting so, they are staying safely stashed, until just before everyone gets here.
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Well,I do have a 6 foot beautiful artificial tree that I usually put up,but didn't this year.It scratches me to pieces trying to get it put together and I can't keep the limbs on it.They are supposed to stay on with little pin things,but half of them are gone and it's a pain in the butt to try to get the limbs to stay on.I am just not really in a Christmas mood this year,I just want it to be over with.
So I went to the dollar store and bought a little 4 ft tree and put 2 strands of blue lights on it and plan on putting on a few ornaments.It looks pretty ugly and sickly compared to the one I usually put up.I wouldn't have even fooled with one if I didn't have a 3 year old.

My cats are just loving it.They jump up onto the table I have it sitting on and chew on the branches. My oldest kitty has always loved to chew on the light bulbs(not wires) I don't know why he does this,but I always make sure to keep the tree unplugged when I go to bed or leave.
Believe it or not though when I did put up my big tree the cats never tore it down(which I have a couple of VERY nosy kittens this year.LOL.).They did knock off a few ornaments and probably will again when I put them on.

Oh well,I may have an ugly tree,but at least I didn't get so stressed this year putting it up that I wanted to hurl it out the window.LOL.
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I've got an artificial tree. I was going to go with no tree but in the end my fiancee talked me round into the Christmas spirit of things even though some things in our lives aren't going so well.

And after decorating it and putting lights on it, the cats left it alone. I brought it home and told the cats that they could play with it. I do this with their toys and they ignore them so I figured it would work. It did, for a couple of days.

I now have one of a kind ornaments. They move around the house and are fully interactive. They have their own distinct personalities and definitely intelligent.

I couldn't bear to have an artificial tree. I'd rather the energy spent in planting the tree farms go to rehabiliting cleared forest lands.
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We've got an artificial tree, I couldn't get a real one cuz Jeepers climbs this one a lot when I'm not looking and there would be needles everywhere!
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My husband put the artificial tree together today. JC has been jumping on it a bit, so I guess he's not so disappointed that he isn't getting a live tree in the living room. I'm not going to put the "cat toys" on it until Christmas Eve. I kind of had "dogs lifting their legs on the tree" in the back of my mind when I bought the artificial one, since JC started marking the trees and shrubs in our backyard last January (he's castrated and will be five in April), and now I have to put him on his leash and walk him around the periphery every day no matter what the weather, so that he can freshen up his marks!
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We don't have a tree this year. I'm getting a new cat and I'm over-protective as it is. I'm freaking out about everything and I don't want to even THINK about worrying about a tree.

I'll have one next year, I'm sure.
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