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LOTR 3! I've seen it!!

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I had expected more out of it...more highlights and more thrills.. didn't seem as good as the first one but nevertheless, it's a good movie.. sat through the whole movie despite the nagging call from my bladder that it is full.... worth the money...
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I can't wait to see it. Knowing me, I'll probably wait until it comes out on DVD, though.
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I've booked tickets to see it Christmas Eve! Can't wait!
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Going to see it at 3:20 today! Can't wait!
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We saw it yesterday, we went to "Trilogy Tuesday" where they showed the extended editions of Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers and then the premiere of Return of the King, all back to back. It was a looong day and night, we got there to stand in line at 9 AM and got home at 2:30 AM, but it was so worth it!

Awesome movie, loved it! A few small deviations from the book, but nothing glaring. Eowyn's big moment was AWESOME, I burst into tears! We were both crying at several times during the movie.

We also made a pair of new friends, the couple who was sitting behind us. They have 11 cats and 11 horses (she raises Morgans). I turned her onto TCS!

I want to see ROTK again, and again, and again!
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That movie sounds very good to me so far . I want to see it , maybe we all go Friday to see it
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I can't wait to see it! Maybe friday.

Glad everyone had fun!
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I'm going right now - no idea how early to get there, it's 3pm now and the movie is at 6:40. If there's no line, I'll do some Christmas shopping.

I first got hooked seeing the original "The Hobbit" cartoon 25 years ago in 1977 - then I read the books as my bedside reading in junior high and high school - I don't know how you distill 25 years of anticipation into a few hours.

I remember thinking that scene with Eowyn rocked 20 years ago in cartoon form, so I'm eagerly anticipating seeing it on screen...
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I can't wait to see it, but I'm waiting until the theatre isn't *crazy*. Maybe this Sunday... or next weekend... I just can't take the craziness.
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Mom of 10, that is great! I have the DVD extension versions of Fellowship and Two Towers and if ROTK is 3 hours long in the moviehouses, I wonder how long the extension version will be.
Anyway, Kate, I am glad you were able to see the movie despite the CWS meeting. It must have been a hectic day for you!
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Just got back from seeing it and thought it was great even though they made a lot more changes from the books than in the others (IMO). I loved all three movies and wish there was another on lol!
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I've read all the books and LOVE it!!
So I know what I'm in for when I head into the theatre. I cannot wait!!!!

There is another one....well a possible one, The Hobbit! I'm so going to join a campaign for Peter Jackson to make The Hobbit!!!!! And if there isn't one, start one!!!

Yes folks, I am a nut.
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I saw on the news tonight that there was a couple who while they waited in line to see the movie they got married! In full LOTR garb they exchanged wedding vows- the guests (the people in line) threw popcorn afterward! LOL
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I saw it...

Amazing battle scenes - many epic, artistic views that will make your jaw drop.

They DID change parts of the book - quotes - that were a bit dissappointing. It would qualify as nitpicking, but some of the best quotes were altered when they didn't need to be...including my #1 favorite quote...

Other than that, fabulous.

FYI - the lines started two hours before showtime... :o
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Saw it and loved it! All of the shnows were sold out, we got there about 20 minutes early and were able to get seats.

Peter Jackson better get some Oscars this year. This was an amazing film, in all aspects. The battle scenes are incredible, the acting is top notch, characters are more fully developed.

I really loved The Hobbit, too, but have to admit, a LOTR movie without Legolas and Aragorn wouldn't leave much to look at, would it? Just kidding, but I do love those characters.
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I liked the movie very much, and as an old Tolkien fan, eagerly await the extended version of this installment (a year from now!). To prep for ROTK, I re-watched the extended versions of FOTR and TT, and was very impressed by how much more story was included.

The theatre had an IMAX version of ROTK, but the implementation, while very good, wasn't really a step above standard projection with a good sound system. I imagine IMAX projection is at its' best only for films shot with IMAX system cameras.

I remember 1st hearing rumors of the pre-production of these movies and wondering if they could pull it off successfully, then growing impatient for the release of the 1st installment, then really enjoying it and later delighting in the extra richness of the extended edition DVD set, then feeling ambivalent about the 2nd installment until seeing the wonderful extended version, and then itching to see the final installment - and finally really enjoying it. The story is an amalgam of journeys, the movies' production was an epic journey for cast & crew, and even fans and viewers had their own journey, watching it in the theatres.

And now all those journeys have come to a end - "Well that's that - now I'm off!"
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The great grandson of JRR Tolkein was given a bit part in ROTK?

Royd Tolkein's Role

And, Peter Jackson himself has said that it wouldn't make sense for him not to make The Hobbit should New Line decide to do so.

Interview with Peter Jackson

Edit: Added link to Peter Jackson's interview.
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I hope PJ makes The Hobbit once King Kong wraps. Keeping my fingers crossed, I would love to see how he does Smaug!

Also waiting very impatiently now for the extended edition Return of the King DVD, which won't be out til next fall, but rumor has it, it will be more than 4 1/2 hrs long! I am a total LOTR geek since I was 13, and I would happily sit through 3 6 hr movies to see the tale told without cuts and edits.
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I'm gonna have a movie marathon at my place the first weekend I get that extended version. I'm really curious as to what will be the collectible figurine that will be sold with it.
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I am hoping it's Minas Tirith and either Minas Morgul or Barad Dur.
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Originally posted by Mom of 10 Cats
I am hoping it's Minas Tirith and either Minas Morgul or Barad Dur.

Or it could be Aragorn! Return of the King refers to Aragorn and he does finally accept his heritage. Aragorn figurine!!
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I have the Aragorn action figure. A friend bought it for me as a joke, knowing how much I love Aragorn. He is on my tall file cabinet at school, behind my desk so my students can't get at him.
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I havn't seen the new movie yet, but I want to really soon!

I heard that they were making a "prequil" to the Lord of the Rings. It is gonna take place before this sequil's time frame. It is supposed to be about the Hobbits. Just a rumor, I hope it's true!
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Peter Jackson has said that if New Line can get the rights to "The Hobbit", he would be willing to film it. It would make sense to get the actors back in the same roles for the characters that also appear in that tale: Elrond, Gandalf, Bilbo, Gollum. Not to mention miscellaneous elves, dwarves and hobbits.
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I heard the movie is 3hrs and 20min. Gonna wait till it comes out on dvd. So I can enjoy the movie on my couch.
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Three hours and 20 minutes? Is that all?

The cinema in town is wanting to do a movie marathon with all THREE movies. I just hope they get the equipment. **fingers crossed**

And I can confirm what Mom of 10 Cats said too. Peter Jackson will indeed direct The Hobbit, (that's the name of the prequel to Lord of the Rings), after King Kong wraps in New Line Cinema can get the rights to it. And I really really really hope that they can. They're negotiating as we speak from what I understand from the article that I read. And so far, the actors that worked with Jackson have all said if given the opportunity, they would work with him again. So very likely that the same actors will play the same characters that appear in The Hobbit.

AND...they still have parts of Hobbiton set pieces on a farm in Matamata, so it's only right that they film The Hobbit, and once again in New Zealand. I'm an Aussie but I'm setting rivalry aside for the love of Tolkien.

AND...remember Bag End? Bilbo and Frodo's home? Well Peter Jackson is having all of that transferred to his property in New Zealand and building it into a hill as a guest house. He asked New Line if he paid for all of the storage costs whether he could keep it and of course, they let him.
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