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Natural Pheromones

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Hey all!


My first post here, and my first kitten! I always had cats growing up but I was young when they were kittens so only really "knew" them as adults, so having a kitten is pretty new.

I'm now 23 and have a beautiful Maine Coon coming to me in a few weeks (eee!)


My question is this: Has anyone else had any experience using a cats natural pheromones to help settle her into the home?


I've read you can gently wipe a sock around her face to pick up the scent and then transfer that to a few nose-height places around the home so it feels more natural to her - anyone tried that?

I'm especially curious because we have a year old Pug in the home (very socialised, well behaved etc) so want to make it as stress free as possible for the kitten, I'll still be tackling the introduction slowly and tactfully but I'm thinking of the initial move into the house.


Rather not use artificial sprays!



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That's a good idea. I've never tried that but I have used the Feliway Diffusers when I moved house and brought my cats with me. It seemed to help a lot. Another thing I've tried is getting some of the used cat litter from their previous home and sprinkling that over the top of the new cat litter in the new place. That seemed to reassure them and they all knew where the litter box was right away.

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