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Tamme - how is Tigger ?

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I bet Tigger & you of course are so happy that she is back home. Just wondered if she settled back in and tell her Cyber Aunty Helen said no more adventures, this one was enough for a life time.
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There's already a thread about Tigger here:

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thanks for asking Helen! Tigger is fine, she's sleeping beside me as I type this reply. She out of the bedroom full-time as of last night. I liked her in the bedroom because she had undisturbed access to her food dish, but she didn't want to come in the bedroom last night so we left her on the couch. Roo was so happy! He cuddled us all night.

I'm still worried about her weight though. It turns out she was only 12 pounds and not 15 which is what I thought. So that's a little less scary but still not good. The vet said she really didn't need to gain any more weight, just redistribute what she's already got. I don't know how's she's going to do that...
Is 9 pounds considered big? She looks tiny to me...

ok, well as Sicy said, there is a thread all about her, make sure to check page 15 for her pictures.

Bye. Tamme.
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I know there's another thread about Tigger girl, but I just wanted to say, since the question was asked here... 9 pounds isn't too small for a cat. Spike is a very healthy (lean and muscular) 9.3 pounds. Glad Tigger is doing well.
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