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A delicate problem

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I have a very delicate problem that I need some help with. My cat (Meowth) is an adopted stray I got as an adult. He is a sweet long haired cat. However, I can't brush and groom him like I can my other cats that I've had since they were kittens. Meowth has a little problem. He has a bowel movement stuck to his rear end and he won't let me clean it up. He lets me pet him but when I try to turn him on his side, he runs away. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm thinking if there is nothing that might dissolve it, I will be forced to take him to the vet. They will probably need to sedate him to get this mess cleaned up. There is so much feline chaos in my house right now. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated!
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i'm not sure how big of a "mess" your cat has made, my cat cc had the same problem last year and i just rolled up my sleeves and threw her in the tub with a sponge. i endured the scratching because she also wouldn't let me pick it off.
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This happens quite often with long hair cats. I used to have the cat on my lap facing left, place my left arm down her back to hold her in place and grasp her tail in my left hand. My right hand with a baby wipe would clean the mess. If your left elbow is over your kitties shoulder, you should have enough leverage to hold him there without a lot of force. A warm wet washcloth also does the trick.

To help with the brushing, start with a soft bristled brush...similar to a baby brush. You may only get a few passes before he realizes its not your hand. Good luck!
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Also your cat should go to the vet with a fecal just to see that there is no underlying problems like parasites. It could be the food you are feeding, you can introduce fiber to your cat in several ways- canned pumpkin, cooked and mashed green beans, even just organic catnip in a small pile will give her fiber. You can also use cornstarch on her backside once the fecal material is moved to help freshen her up without the stress of a vet. Clipping her hair back there, on her legs and near her rear will also help.
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I had the same problem with Olie my persian in the beginning when I got him from the rescue . What I did was having in one hand my comb and the other hand I was petting him . So when he was walking by I was petting him with the one hand and with the other hand I try to comb him on the rear end . Well he did not like it at all and took of , but after 2 days I finaly combed all out . But I also knew with Olie that it was food change .
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He will probably complain loudly, but try kneeling on the floor and pinning him between your thighs, his butt to your front, and grab at the poop with a baby wipe or (if you're brave and/or don't have baby wipes around) a wet paper towel. You might have to go back a few times to get it all if he manages to escape. Don't worry about hurting him, he will forgive you. I have a cat who has butt issues, and this is the only way to clean her up. She yells, but she still loves me
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If you use baby wipes, make sure you use alcohol free ones. The alcohol can irritate your cat's skin.
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Thanks to everyone for their suggestions. I had to take Meowth to the vet and it is a very good thing I did. He was in much worse shape than it appeared. Because he is so fluffy, I really couldn't tell what the problem was. He got a shave and a bath and they kept him overnight for observation. He wasn't passing anything (even urine) so he wouln't have been able to go much longer without help.

I'm going to follow all the advice you guys gave me below so this doesn't happen again. He is going to get a weekly home grooming from me even though he doesn't like it. He was mad at me for a day but he is back to his sweet self now. Thanks again!
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Did the vet explain to you what was wrong with Meowth? Does he need any changes to his diet?

It's good to hear that he got taken to the vet in time and it sounds like he's recovering.
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Meowth had a mild case of diarrhea. That was most likely from two things: 1)The 'treats' my husband gave him a few days before or 2) the bird that I caught Meowth munching on in the back yard.

In any case, he was given the clean bill of health and is doing just fine now. I've never had a long haired cat before so this taught me that I need to watch him more closely than my other cats.

Thanks for your concern.
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