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chewed off eyebrows

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Hi All,

My resident cat Diablo decided one morning to nibble off the hair down to the skin on my new kitten Azrael (just above both eyes)... the poor thing looks so funny really but I'd like the hair to grow back. He's not hurt in any way that I could find, but it seems to be just excessive grooming... anyway the vet recommended something called Bitter Apple/Orange to dab on the bald spots above the eyes. I'm thinking this will probably help, but I don't want to totally discourage Diablo from grooming Azrael... anyone ever had a similar problem?
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when neo and moemoe where babies moemoe chewed all neo's whiskers off! As they got older they stopped doing that.
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Lucky used to chew off Charlie's whiskers also. I was really worried, but he eventually stopped.
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I would use the bitter apple as a deterrant for awhile at least.It won't stop the grooming process, but it will redirect it to other areas.
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Interesting.. Zoey seems to have a little bit of fur missing.. (more like thinning out) above one eye. I wonder if Saki did something to her
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