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signs of pregnancy?

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I am thinking my young kittie is pregnant.. was wondering *where* she would show first... i assumed farther down her abdoman, in front of her hind legs... is this accurate at all? She has put on a bit of weight and she is definately bigger under the ribcage area.
Any ideas?
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the best thing would be to get her to the vet asap, and if she is not pregant get the little one fixed. It is really hard to tell if a kitty is pregant until they are pretty far along.
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Some cats experience morning sickness, but you might not always be around to see it. By the time you notice a significant change in her nipples she'll be pretty close to delivery. So, have a vet check her out and please get her spayed.
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Take her to the vet. They will be able to tell you. It's not easy with a young one. And if she isn't pregnant, consider spaying if you're not breeding.
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The wonderfully dependable clue - ONLY useful in a first time pregnant cat - is that the nipples will turn bubble gum pink once they are 21 days along...typical gestation period is about 67 days.
I used this key change to tell when my cats were pregnant, when I had a registered breeding program some years ago.

I agree with the rest, best to have her examined by your vet, and to get her spayed if not alreayd pregnant. Allowing her to be bred by ??in the neighborhood exposes her to felv or fiv, and depending on her age, some risks do exist in pregnancy/delivery at too young an age.
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