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One more story

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OK...here's another little "Short Tail..tale".

About 2 yrs ago I was leaving for work in the wee hours just at dawn. As I stepped out the door I noticed a cat all huddled up on our doorstep. Now I figured this was a neighbor's big grey cat which hung around occasionally. So I reached out with my foot and gave him a poke;told him to scat for home. He leaped off the step as if I had stabbed him and spun around to hiss at me. Wow..it wasn't who I thought. It was a medium-sized Bobcat. He gave me a VEEEEERY evil stare with fangs that looked about 6 inches long;growling and grumbling. After a brief stare-down he turned and trotted off.

For the next 3 weeks he kind of wandered by occasionally...never bothering anything. I took to calling him Robert D Cat. Finally he found someplace else and I haven't seen him since...altho there are occasionally very large cat tracks about.
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I very much enjoy your stories KF! Please keep posting them! I don't have many cat stories

Although when I was in second grade.. my teacher Mrs. Taylor had the class make a book. She took wallpaper and designed the "hard cover" for us.. and we got to pick the design of the wall paper. I wrote a book about a cat named "Sarah" that got lost in a big city.. and ended up on a fishing boat in the bay by the city. Sarah had to jump off the boat and into the water and run home. The story was kind of simple.. I was only in 2nd grade.. but it was cute. I've always loved cats.. but have never been able to have any until now.. now I have 3!
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I your stories!!!!! I wonder what ever happened to the Bobcat?
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Kittyfoot, Love your stories!

Are Bobcats dangerous? I don't think I've ever seen one but I always thought they might attack humans and certainly other animals. Wonder if Robert D. was tame?

Keep up the stories - long & short.
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Well as far as I know Bobby boy moved on to a less populated area. They seldom show up around peopled places unless food is hard to come by for some reason. But being cats after all..sometimes they just go where it pleases them.

The average Bobcat runs 20 to 35 pounds and are usually quite shy. You don't really want to corner one tho...they can be nasty. Their largest usual prey is rabbits or hares..although I have heard of them taking down a deer in deep snow when they get real hungry.

Thet have a larger cousin up here called the Lynx(pronounced links). These long-legged rascals can get fairly large and aggressive. They average around 55 pounds...about the size of a large poodle. They are very seldom seen but fear very little. I was followed for about 5 miles by one once...mostly curious I think. Made the hair on my neck stand up let me tell you.

There are many folks who believe in and claim to have seen the Eastern Panther..a version of the cougar.
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'Eastern Panther'. Is it reputedly a myth? I hadn't heard of it before. Sounds interesting, maybe like 'Big Foot'?

Good info. If I ever get on the net anymore without coming to this site, maybe I will get around to looking up some of these interesting things.

LOVE this site!
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Try this site for a look at the "myth" of the Eastern Panther http://new-brunswick.net/Saint_John/...s/bigcats.html

I've never seen one myself...I think. But several sane folk have told me of close sightings. The old folks used to call em Injun Devils back around the turn of the century. My mom used to tell me of one that came around their farm when she was little...but nobody ever got a clear look or shot at it. She said the men had to sit up in the barns because when it was wandering around it's screams would drive the animals crazy with fear.

Lots of good old eerie stories like that around here.

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Here's another one for bobcat and lynx.http://www.bearcountryusa.com/tour/bobcatex.htm
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Just went to the 'eastern panther' site. How interesting! I would be inclined to believe it for sure!

If a cat is shy and does not want to be found, it won't be found. My husband and I have tried many times to follow our cats but are never able to sustain. If we blink, they are gone. We have woods behind our house so of course there are a lot of places to hide. We don't even see at what point they disappear. Also, when I call them, I rarely see at what point they emerge...they are just suddenly there.

If panther wants to not be seen, it will not. Interesting also was that the article said a couger and a panther are the same thing...gotta check that out.

Confession Kittyfoot, all this time I thought you lived in Calif. and wondered where N.B. Calif. was..lol. I was raised in Calif. so should have known better.
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SMILE..that's the second time it's happened so I've expanded the address on my bio. We are many things here in NB but Calif we ain't.:LOL: :LOL: :LOL: We are beginning to get a lot of movies shot here by the Hollywood crowd and last Friday I did meet a gent from Calif who is moving here.
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Dear KittyFoot :angel2:

What a great story! I bet you were seriously "tweakin'" for a few moments! :laughing: I know my heart would've dropped to the floor along with my jaw...:LOL:

I've only had three experiences with wild cats and those were under controlled supervision. Well, :LOL: almost.

I can remember (about 1,000 years ago) when I was sixteen, this gentlemen had a tiger in cage. Well, I just had to go pet this tiger (he was petting it...!) So, I asked him and he said..."Sure...go ahead"...his name's Baby"....I proceeded to stick my hand in "Baby's" cage and began to pet this gorgeous creature.

Then, out of nowhere, Baby decides to put my hand in his mouth. I just froze, I was afaid if I pulled it out too quickly, he'd bite it off for sure! :disturbed: Those teeth were HUGE(did I mention "sharp"). I then tried to distract him by petting him with my other hand...(sure, dumb move). He starts clamping down harder now. I finally told the man, "Hey, mister...Baby's not such a baby...he's biting my hand..." he just said..."Oh, don't worry, he's just showing you his love"....:laughing: ...Sure, now I was getting a bit concerned, the tiger's got my hand in his mouth, and the owner is a lunatic...

Approximately, a few minutes goes by (which felt like a year); while people were actually stopping by and seeing this tiger with my hand in his mouth...didn't even phase them! I figured it was time to get this guy's attention or we'd have a tiger in a cage with my hand unattached to my body, (at this point, he was drawing blood).
So, I said..."Look pal, Baby just grew up...get the hint"! He looks over and he can see my hand was bleeding...wow, that old guy could move! :LOL: (I can laugh now, right!)

Well, I don't quite remember what he did, all I do know is that I'll never forget that long awaited sigh of relief. I'm reminded of that day every time I look down at my wrist. I now sport approximately a one inch scar eversince!

You want to know something even more amazing...is that I'd do it again in a heartbeat...isn't that weird. I have no idea how I contracted this addiction (a cat addict). :laughing::LOL:, but I can't think of a better one to have :laughing:

Love & Major Loud Purrs...

These animals are breathtaking
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