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Wednesday Daily Thread

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Good Morning everyone and Happy Hump day! I get to work till 1pm today since my boss gives a half day off (our choice when) around Christmas to do some shopping! How nice is that!! Well, this afternoon is what I picked. I am heading over to the dentist (so I don't take time off for it) and then to finish up my Christmas shopping. Last night I finished wrapping the presents I already bought, and I had to stop putting bows on them because they would just keep disappearing...hehe... (Mittens) I am getting real excited about this weekend because we are seeing my father, stepmother and sisters and are celebrating Christmas with them on Sunday. We have to divide up Christmas 3 ways with our huge families. Anywho, off to the shower and start my halfday of work! Hope you all have a wonderful day!!
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Hi all

I am just about finished for the day. It is 4.30 now. It is the first day back since my grandad died. I have been feeling rather blue and sorry for myself. So I ate a chocolate.

I haven't bought a single christmas gift - I am going to be in soooo much trouble when I eventually get round to it.

Keep well and have a good day everybody.

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I've been laying low on the forums the last couple of days. I had a lot to think about and a big decission to make! Now I'll let the cat out of the bag!

One of the companies I interviewed with called a couple of days ago. It was the one I didn't really want because the pay was so low (40% lower). Well they made a second offer and I had to consider it and I think I'm going to take it. It's still less then I was making but much better then their first offer. And it's a good, stable company. They are on the national list of top employers to work for. It's a lab called ARUP. Very close to my house and excellent benefits. I just found out they even have free animal (vet)testing for your pets which will come in very handy for Hallie since I was putting out about $180 every 4-6 weeks for tests for her. The schedule is 10 hours a day, 7 days in a row and then you get 7 days off. So it's like you get a one week vacation every other week! And I'd still have time to look for something else if I want. I haven't officially accepted it yet but I should be doing that later this afternoon.

The other news. It looks like my husband will be going to Iraq to work for the American govt. as part of the temporary security force. I helped him fill out the initial papers about a week ago and he faxed them in. He just got another set of papers to fill out. I have the option of going with him but I don't want to go yet! I'd be right in Baghdad and that's not a place I really want to be right now. I'd love to go someday when it is more stable though!

Although it is kind of scarey, I think this will be really good for Rashid and our relationship. Many of you know that we have not been living together for a while and really struggle from time to time. This will give him a chance to see his family, who he hasn't seen in 14 years. He is very close to his mother, who is very ill and not expected to last long.

So that is my news for today! I really need to do some holiday baking but just don't want to. One of the things I make is called ma'amoul in Arabic. They're like little pastries and I fill mine with dates and chopped nuts. No sugar but the dates make them plenty sweet! I mold them in these decorative wood molds and that is what takes forever. They're a big hit though. My husband loves them as well as all his friends and my neighbors!
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Hey mzjazz2u, congrats on the great job!!the company sounds great!

it's currently 1.42am on thursday morning and i've just got home from the preview screening of the LOTR 3. Spectacular I would say...Later in the morning, I would be having meetings in the office and after work, it's another meeting with the cat welfare society... i guess i had better get to bed... i might not be able to climb out of it in a few hours time!

Have a great day everyone!
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Today is one ot my two days off in a row! WOW! what to do with all that time??? I haven't had two days off in a row in years.I'm lost! LOL! really I'm going to wrap xmas presents with a friend(a yearly thing) and clean house today then tomorrow Honey and I are going to Davenport shopping with his mom. Not for xmas things, just for fun!
My friend made me a wreath out of fresh holly and the cats are going crazy wanting to sniff it and play with the bows and ribbons. thankfully it is on the outside of he door that they so they cna't wreck it or get hurt trying to pull it down.
Tammie I hope you get the job! get the job thoughts coming your way!!!
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The job sounds great Tammie, Good luck !!

I'm just getting ready because today I'm meeting Daddys soon-to-be-wife. I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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A cold and windy day so staying inside with the exception of running some errands. Whooo, that wind bites!
Sleepy at the moment, all I want to do is sleep. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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Congratulations on the job offers Tammie! I'm sure you will ppick the right one for you.

Sam, that is so exciting! You'll have to tell us all about it and what she's like and stuff.

Today is my first day back to work, yay, can you just feel the excitment?

Yesterday I surprised Darrell at work with a huge ham dinner with the works. I had told him I would bring him some rice, which is his favorite snack food, but then I show up with a roast pan filled with food. Was he ever surprised! It wasn't as hot as I hoped it would be when I got there but I don't think he noticed. lol.

ok I hope you all have a great day!
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This morning i went with my son on a field trip,we went
bowling...we had a BLAST!
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Work was light - no really bad calls. One old man wanted me to put him through to the president of the company but, he was willing to settle for a supervisor.

Since they cut Mom loose, from the hospital, the day ended up better than it started.
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caprice: Not sure what you're getting done at the dentist but you're brave going there and then Christmas shopping. Aren't people crazed by now? Be careful of any offbeat person that dives in front of you snatching a present to be out of your grasp.

Shadowfein: The pain does fade with time: If you ever want to talk about your grandad, it's alright. I hope the holiday season is kind to you and your family.

Tammie: That's great news with the job offers.

Kate: WOW! So you got to see LOTR 3 and you're going to meet with the CWSS. Talk about having your cake and eat it. That's great, because I know it was hard for you to choose.

jugen: Just hope your kitties don't decide to offer their 'help' with the wrapping of your presents.

Sam: Drink a coke and calm down a little. Don't want you too excited. You've got to save some excitement for the wedding.

Tamme: Mmmm...ham...I can just imagine the looks on your kitties' faces. "What? What do you mean that's not for me? Aren't I cute enough mom? Mom?"

chelle: I LOVE bowling. Now if we only went to places like that for school excursions when I was at school. *sigh*

katl8e: Well at least some customers are willing to negotiate.

And as for me, I'm waiting for a call back from an interview to a position I applied for. After a three and a half hour psychological test and a 90 minute interview, I sure hope I got it. *keeping fingers crossed*
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This was a busy day, but somehow I couldnt get anything done
I went to the hairsaloon to get my highlights fixed, and they were so busy that is far to long time there. My son was at my parents so I went there after the hairsaloon and stayed for a while, since I didn´t have time to take him home, just to take him back there, since I had a Christmast meating to go to, that was nice, but also took faaar to long time.
So of all the things I have to do for Christmas, I am not closer after this day...
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LOL Mags! and Thank you Tamme

Her name is Jodie and she was lovely, I had a nice day.

Hope everyone is having a good day.
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Wedding advice, it's what I seem to be giving these days.

Good to know that you had a good day Sam. Even better in that it seems like Jodie is a good person.

So far, it's just gotten hotter. No phone call yet.
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