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Mom's in the hospital

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My dad called last night - he had to take Mom to the hospital. She was having chest pains and could not breathe. He was afraid that she was having another heart attack and he thought that he was losing her. They were stuck in a traffic jam, on the interstate, when this happened.

He got her to the hospital OK and they admitted her. All of the tests and lab work have come back OK, so far but they kept her overnight, for monitoring. Since I've had no calls, during the night, I expect that things are stable.

The hospital switchboard won't put me through to Mom's room, this early and my dad has to get the grandkids off to school. I'll call, just before I leave for work and check on her.

When my dad said that he was afraid that he'd lost Mom, he SOUNDED scared. I've never heard him sound scared, before. Considering Mom's general condition, the rest of us expect Pop to outlive Mom. I know that Mom wouldn't last long, without him.
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I'll be thinking of your Mom and Dad, Cindy. I hope everything is OK with your Mom and this was just a minor scare.
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I will keep your mom (and dad) in my thoughts and prayers, and hope she'll be back home soon.
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I really hope your mum gets well soon. Just remember, were a lot more advanced in medical technology today.

Hugs and headbutts from myself and Rosie xx
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I'll keep your family in prayers.. hope that your mom will be fine and be home soon...
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I hope things will be okay with your mother, and that she'll be out before Christmas.
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Hope everything's well with your mom, Cindy, and that you'll have good news soon.

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Hope your mom gets well soon and nothing is seriously wrong with her.

{{{Sending healing vibes her way.}}}
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Cindy, I hope your mother gets better befor christmas. (()Hugs!))) for the whole family.
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Mega prayers coming your parents way Cindy!

And many hugs to you too!
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I hope everything is ok with your mother. Any news yet?
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I understand how your father feels, it is scary to think that you may lose someone.
I really hope that it wasn't serious for your mother, keeping you all in my thoughts.
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I hope your mum gets well soon, and this wasnร‚ยดt serious. I can understand your dad to be afraid.
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Cindy I'll be thinking of you and your family and hoping your mom will be alright.
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Thanks, for the good thoughts. They discharged Mom, today, after a stress test and a barium swallow (ugh). We know for sure that it WASN'T another heart attack but we don't know what it actually was.

I stopped in, after work and Mom seemed to be OK. She's tired and has a bit of a cough but, that's normal for her. She's eating and that's a good sign.

Fingers crossed, for a good Christmas. My parents, the kids and and twins are coming to our house.
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I hope Christmas for you and your family is filled with joy and happiness. It's great news that your mom is well enough to join you in the festivities.
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I am sorry about your moms health . Hopefuly everything is ok with her now .
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Glad to hear your mums a lot better, Great news !!

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Cindy I hope that your Mom is feeling better and that you and yours have a wonderful Christmas.
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Originally posted by blondiecat
Cindy I hope that your Mom is feeling better and that you and yours have a wonderful Christmas.
Me too - sending
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I talked to Mom, at lunch. My dad was going out to get her a double cheeseburger (JUST what a woman with a heart condition needs). I'm taking that as a sign that she's feeling better. She's looking forward to coming to our house, for Christmas and playing with the babies. Mom says that she is NOT wearing that silk skirt, with three rows of fringe, this year. I guess that Rowdy is going to have to find another toy!
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Oh Cindy!!!! I am SO glad to hear that your mom is okay!!! When I saw the title of this thread I was worried, and held my breath till I read she was alright!!! I know how scary that must have been for you all!

My prayers are with you and your family tonight...I hope your mother has many more Christmases ahead of her!
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I am so glad she is doing better! I will keep her in my prayers.
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Knowing Mom, she'll soon be out, terrorizing the malls, on that hot red scooter. (That's if she can get Pop to drive her there.)
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How is you mother doing now, Cindy? She has been in my thoughts and prayers.
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Mom's fine. I call, every couple of days. She promised my dad that she WON'T have a heart attack. Mom's really looking forward to playing with the babies, tomorrow.
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