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New pics of my kitties

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Warning: Lots of pics following!

Sicy, thanks for asking about Pixie, and noting that I hadn't posted any new pics!! How did that happen?

She's our little sweetie-pie, she loves cuddling with her daddy especially. She's very vocal, and she has a very definite attitude, LOL. She's grown so much, she's now 5.5 lbs, and she is a holy terror! She's even clumsier than Mozart, falling off laps, ledges, beds, chairs (we try really hard not to laugh).

For those of you who missed my first shots of Pixie, the threads were: Meet Pixie , and Pixie Update

My little darling.

Mommy, really, I'm helping you!! What do you mean you can't see?

More pics coming!
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She's getting along wonderfully with her new siblings, and really gives them a serious workout running after/from her!

Here she is having a tussle with Ginza.

Afterwards, she gets a bath from big brother.

Hugging time!

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Kayla's completely warmed up to her now, and will actually play and sleep with her! This is wonderful, because she will NOT play with the boys, so now she has the playmate we were hoping for.

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Of course, she and Mozart were buddies from the start, but here's one more pic, since I can't leave my Big Boy out of the pics!

And this is the tree I bought for them today. They're selling them at Costco for $35!!! Maybe I'll run back and buy another one tomorrow.

That's the end of the pics, if you made it all the way here, congrats, and thank you for letting me share!!
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OH MY GOD!!!!!!! I love these pics!! !!

Pixie is so big! and she is soooo cute. I love that little black spot on her chin!

Great pictures.. I'm so glad she's getting along with everyone and I love the grooming pics

I need to come back and see them soon lol.
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Wow I just saw your last post. What a cool cat tree! $35?????

*runs to Costco
*stops and wonders where in the world I'd put it
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Pixie has the cutest face! I love that black spot too! I seeing them cleaning/sleeping/playing with each other. It's so sweet.
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$35 at Costco????!!!!??? I wonder if they are at the one here. If so I'm getting Emmett a christmas present
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...and $35?
Whhhhhaaaat? I paid about $190 Canadian for mine!
It was worth it, $35!!!

I coulda bought 5 of yours for the price of this one!
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AAAWWWW what a beauty . She is so pretty , well all of your cats are pretty . You made some great shots of all of them

$ 35.00 dollars ? OMG we don't have a Costco here
I sure would get me 2 of them .
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I should ask my boss to pick up one of those cat trees for me from Costco. You have to be a member, don't you? That is a GREAT deal. However, like Sicy, I'd wonder where I would put it.

By the way, your kitties are adorable!
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HIP HOORAY! New pics of ur babies!! Pixie sure has GROWN!!! IT's FANASTIC that she's getting along so great with all the other siblings!!
$35 at Costco? HMM.. That'd be a GREAT christmas gift for my spoiled rotten cats..

Keep these pics coming!! :flash:
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Thanks, you guys!! Glad a few were patient enough to wade through my pics! I'm just really ecstatic about Kayla playing/grooming/sleeping with Pixie, since that's a major reason we got her. She has got the loudest engine purr, and LOVES anything dangley, whether it's her toys, or shoelaces, or zipper tabs. She is such a little joy.

Re: the cat tree, don't get your hopes up too much - Costco only does a one shipment thing, then it's gone, and it's not in every location, since I visit about 3 others in the area, and it was only at 1 other store. There were only 2 more trees, after I took mine. I'm so glad I decided to do the grocery shopping yesterday. I'm going back today, but I'll bet they're gone.

And yeah, I looked like an idiot for a while since I just stood there and stared, thinking I was looking at the wrong thing or there was a price typo. But sure enough, that's what it rang up.
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Those are all very sweet pics Superkitty. It's nice to see Kayla and Pixie getting along so well. I like your new tree too. It's obviously a steal for $35.
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I've never seen those at Costco!! I'm going back to look again! When did you get it?

BTW.. love your pictures! Pixie is so darn cute! They all look very comfy together.
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Hasn't she grown! It's great that she's now got a place among everyone.
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Superkitty, Thanks for the PM I'll be sure to PM you back tonight. This is just what I needed some Pixie pics to drool over. She's gorgeous and has got SO much bigger! Give her love from me!
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They are precious
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I just love your kitties!!!

Great photos, I especially the one with the computer. My kitties also tended to be on top of the computer and hunting things that were moving on the screen. Now I only hava a laptop, so they can´t sit on top
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Superkitty.... Pixie is a beauty and her siblings are adorable also!!
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I do xray my queens. But someone told me I should stop this. It could hurt my kittens.
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Gorgeous pics! Pixie is getting sooo big! And it's great that Kayla has a playmate/snuggle partner now!
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Love your adorable "cat family" !!!
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Originally posted by DMCats
I do xray my queens. But someone told me I should stop this. It could hurt my kittens.
Hey? I don't think this is the right place to ask. You could try the Health/Nutriton forum. However I can tell you WE don't xray our cats to find out how many kittens, half the fun is finding out how many kittens they are going to have.
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Your kitties are gorgeous
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