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Could use some board magic

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I'm taking my realestate test on saturday. I finshed my 75 hour course and passed, now I have to take the state test. I'm really nervous because I feel like if I don't pass I will be letting everyone down. I work at a realestate office and I know my broker really wants me to get my liences so I can do more stuff around the office. I just really really don't want to let him down! Also rich and my parents are all excited about me getting it and i'm really starting to feel the presure. I have been studying like crazy the past two weeks but I feel like I'm not ready. So if everyone could send me alittle magic i would be very greatful. the test is on the 20th at 8:00 am!
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You got it Val The boys and I are sending you all the {Pass that test vibes} we can. Good luck I know you can do it!
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Val - Slow down. Breathe. I know you're feeling the pressure but please try to de-stress. I've been a student all my life so far so I can relate. Remember, you've passed one test, so you do know what you're talking about.

Good luck! You will be fine.
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Good luck!!!
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I hope you do well on your exam! I'm sure you will!
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You'll do fine, don't stress, crossing my fingers for you.
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Good luck Val! I'm sure you'll do great.
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I'm sending you all of my positive vibes, but I'm sure you'll pass it with flying colors.
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Don't you worry, you'll do just fine!!!!!
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Val lots of positive energy coming your way !!!!
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thanks guys! I really hope I do good, rich said he will study with me tonight and hopefully that will help.
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I am sure you will do great! Just take a few deep breaths before the test and you will do fine.
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Sending loads of Board Magic, Val! I know you'll pass with flying colors!!!!
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Sending lots of good vibes your way Val! Keep studying and try to ignore the calling of TCS forums!
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Val, I know you will do fine!! You have been working so hard which you will pass for sure!! GOOD LUCK!!!
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Sending Vibes your way, Val! Good luck - I think you will do just fine!
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Good luck! And some advice from a teacher: by all means review some of the material tomorrow, but don't stay up late tomorrow night studying, because it takes at least 8 hours for material to pass from your short-term memory into your long-term memory. A good night's sleep will do you more good.
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Keeping my fingers crossed for you and sending good vibes. Let us know how it went, and when you'll get the results.
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I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I called my broker and let him know and he is going to pay for my first years fees that is really nice of him!! I'm hoping to get a raise soon But the fees are VERY expensive and I'm sooooo happy is going to pay them for me

Thanks for all teh board magic! It really works!!!!!!!!!
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That is wonderful! And it is wonderful of your boss to pay for your fees!

Now you can go out there and make some more money to help those cats that come to your house!
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Fantastic News Val!!! I am very Happy for you!!!
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Woohoo!! CONGRATS!!!
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Congratulations!!!! You go, girl!
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