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Need help with feral kittens eyes

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Hi all
I took in four feral kittens over a week ago and am tamming them. Two of the four have what appear to be eye infections ...weepy eye and eye gunk. Im able to take them in my lap and clean the eyes with a washcoth (one loves this, the other wishes I would just go away )but it just tears and gunks right back up. Money and life are really tight at the moment so I cant get them to the vet probably till after the holidays. (of course, in emergencies, we do what we have to do to get the money but we arent in emergency mode right now) Is there something I can get to help ease the discomfort at least? The other two ferals eyes look really good and clear so Im assuming (and praying) that whatever this is, it isnt contagious.
Thanks in advance for any advice.
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kali, there could be a number of reasons why their eyes run and none good. Ferals are so susceptible to all sorts of viral infections and getting them to the vet quickly is paramount. Also, keep them as far away from your resident cats as possible until they go to the vet and change your clothes before you go visit your normal crew. Otherwise, you could be asking for some trouble.
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New here and learning about the forum. What does the envelope with the dot mean? Its not listed at the bottom.
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it means it is a post that you have posted in

for the kitties I would call the vet and see if they could see one and let you pay later. All of our kittens got a kitty cold and all needed to be on meds. We took one in and they our vet gave us meds for everyone. Also I find that putting some Grapefruit seed extract in there water (just two or three drops in a LARGE bowl of water) helps to clear up eyes and keeps them from getting colds. When they get sick I put a couple drops in there food and that helps them get better faster, you really have to just put a tiny bit in here food or drink because it is very bitter.
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We adopted a feral kitten named Muffin and she had very weepy eyes. i found that once she got used to her surroundings and we changed her food (to royal canin kitten) her weepy eyes went away in a couple of weeks.
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As you realize, a vet visit may be needed to totally clear this problem up. Try using artificial tears (plain ones,like people with contacts use) when you clean & flush the eyes. You could even do this 3 or 4 times a day when you clean the eyes.
Deb E
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I was able to just take one of the ferals to the vets today. Not only did the eye have discharge, but she started sneezing as well so I sold my firstborn on ebay and was able to take the cat to the vets She gave us antibiotics and eye meds for the baby. We arent giving any of the others antibiotics cause they arent sneezing at all and only one other (named Zaria) has slight eye discharge and nothing else. Amazingly though, Zaria's eye seems to be getting better on its own Of course I will still treat it till its completely cleared but I thought that was a pretty good sign. The other two seem fine so we are gonna wait and see with them. While there, we had her tested for all those horrid little feline diseases and are happy to say she came out negative Chances are, they are all negative. Oh, and the vet said shes a main coon about 12 weeks old ...I love main coons, my grandmother had many while I was growing up but I never saw them as babies before. Too cute. Anyway, thank you all for the advice ...I'm gonna get my hands on the Grapefruit seed extract as soon as I am able and hopefully not only will it help heal the one faster, but maybe help the others stay healthy too.

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That is very good news. I'm very glad that you had them tested (assuming for FeLV and FIV) and they are negative! Continue the eye med as long as the vet tells you - sometimes weepiness is caused by a herpes virus and the eye med he gave you probably is for that purpose. Eye infections are not something to mess with at all!!

So can we see pics? Please?????
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Originally posted by Momofmany
So can we see pics? Please?????
Heheee With pleasure
The gray and black furbaby on the right is the one with the eye infection and sneezing.
Oh and I was so glad to see, that even though she hisses up a storm when I do go to pick her up, it was me that she ran and snuggled into when trying to get away from the vet ...I think shes warming up

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OMG they are beautiful!!
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