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Bo Loves Mom

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This is how Bo sleeps with me every night. Sometimes I wake up with a stiff shoulder and neck cause she won't let me move. If I do, she grabs me with her claws and pulls my arms back!

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my cat CC sleeps ON my head, she won't have it any other way! your cat is a sweetheart!
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Aw, how sweet! Bo looks very comfy all snuggled up with your arms.
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Thank you! Bo was born feral and lived feral for 1 1/2 years. All of sudden she decided to let me pet her. We worked with her in the park for several months and then brought her home. No one would ever know there was a time when she was afraid of humans! Here she is in the park:

Bo as a kitten (2nd from left)her sister Button is next to her, she never warmed up to humans.

Bo grown in the park

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What a sweetheart!!!

Saki comes to lick my earlobes in the morning and sometimes fall asleep on my neck in the midst of licking LOL.
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Frantic puts me to sleep every night. I cup my hand and he lays his head in my hand and his body curled up tight with mine to share the heat. I fall asleep scratching his head and ears. Once I fall asleep he quietly gets up and moves to the end of the bed where he lays down against my feet. He does that several times a night due to my insomnia.

The only time Pip has ever slept with me was when Frantic was in isolation. Pip jumped up on the bed (Fran's territory) and lay down on my leg. I was afraid to move!
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Loki sleeps with he every night tucked savely into left armpit.
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Bo is beautiful, almost looks like a doll faced Persian.
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Awww! What a cuddly kitty! That's the best pillow ever.
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OMG she is gorgeous . I am so glad she found you and you her . You did a great job with her
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Oh my! Very pretty colors. Bentley sleeps with my wife often *sigh* maybe someday with me.
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Wow, Bo is a real beauty queen!
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Bo's a beautiful girl.. Congrats!!!!!
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All the kitties are so cute. I feel like I'm getting to know all of you and your cats and their individual stories. TCS is the best
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That's so cute! My cat Max sleeps on my pillow over my head every night. Simon will sleep on the bed only if my husband is out of town!
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